Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Haven't We Been Here Before?

Gordon Brown unveiled a key 'jobs for all' pledge as part of the labour manifesto yesterday. He intends to offer a job to every long-term unemployed person in Britain over the age of 25 who has been unemployed for two years or more and everyone under 25 unemployed for 10 months or more.

If people rejected the job offered they would lose their benefits.

Haven't we been here before? Where are these jobs? Does he intend to create them in the public sector or are they again short-term 'training' places.

It doesn't make sense. What he should be considering is reorganising the benefits system so that people are better off working rather than claiming from the state. Many long-term unemployed have been through the 'training' schemes which provide little skills training. It would be far better for the individuals and the economy if they were given a choice of vocational subjects to study and to reward them upon results. Removing benefits such as housing allowance will be no advantage to anyone.

I really shouldn't be concerned about this. It will never happen. It's another non-policy from labour.


cynicalHighlander said...

He's a none person where speech comes cheap, a**e and elbows comes to mind.

Billy said...

Hopefully he and a load of his fellow numpties will be looking for a new job soon - unsucessfully.

Then again they have their payoffs and huge pensions to cushion them.

subrosa said...

I can think of a few other metaphors CH but yours is perhaps the most polite.

subrosa said...

Oh Billy, they'll be far more comfortable than many pensioners who have saved all their working lives and had Gordon Brown steal their pensions.

Anonymous said...

Ok... You clearly do not understand. You're just not seeing this as clearly as what I am!"!

Within about 20 to 25 minutes of Labour winning the election there will be such a chorus of approval from all around the world led by his dear dear friend President Obama, who once spoke to him, without telling him "two sugars and make it snappy".

This will make the economy boom overnight, and no bust will ever dare threaten this sceptre’d isle again. In short he will have conquered boom and bust for ever (or did I hear that wrong and it was bloomin’ dust?).

Clearly this boom will bring forth ‘British jobs for British people,’ as he will be ‘tough on foreigners and tough on the causes of foreigners’ and they will be banned from taking British jobs.

To finish the first day of the new Labour Government for all, all the world's problems will be solved and even the birds will be singing that bit louder.

Or maybe on the other hand it's the usual pile of hot air from our own hot air balloon.

Yeah that’s it. He made it up. I knew it was something.


Sue said...

I remember those. Loft insulators and other such worth "green" projects!

Mind you, Dave expects us all to volunteer.

I don't know what's worse.

subrosa said...

Oh Tris, I shan't sleep tonight. The picture you paint is all to real.

Mrs Rigby said...

"Mind you, Dave expects us all to volunteer."

And Gordon's going to force all the kids to volunteer, and join his new fangled youth service, or whatever it is he's planning to call it.

Not sure which is worse!

subrosa said...

Now Mrs R, you've hit a nerve with that. Dave wants to rely on the 'third sector'. That's the vast amount of quangos and fake charities. He wants them to run communities.

I'm hoping to find time to look into this further because I'm not in the least happy with it.

Gordon's forced 3 weeks for youths? Laughable isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Your turn SR

scunnert said...

WAs "Rule Britannia" playing in the background when he made the announcement?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, you're right these jobs don't exist. Half the population is working part-time. Where does he think new jobs are coming from. 2 million want to get back to working full time. The man is a nutter.

subrosa said...

You were right Tris. :(

subrosa said...

I thought I heard slight strains of it scunnert - in between the lies.

subrosa said...

Deluded some would say. I used to think he just couldn't express his views DL but now I know he expresses them but they're drivel.

Uncle Marvo said...

I have quite a large vocabulary, but I find myself at a complete for words to describe this fuckwit.

Rosie, you live up North. Are you sure you don't want him back? I will pay postage and packing and provide a box.

subrosa said...

A very kind offer Marvo. The only place he would be welcome is in Kirkcaldy (Fife) and Glasgow. Thankfully I'm further north than both areas.

If you decide to despatch him to either, can I suggest C.O.D.? Much cheaper.

Debate is Free said...

What a load of old crock to put it politely. All these schemes prove only one thing that ways of helping finding employment have become far to beaurucratic to function of help anyone in any meaningfull way.

It all becomes about ticking boxes and is form such and such filled in.

For instance I am on a course that will hopefully get me into university and off the job market for a few years though there are no guarantees of that in the current situation and I still needed to live in the meantime.

My dear Job centre told me that if a job came up no matter how unsuitable it was to me and my course I had to take it and dump my course. Despite the course being for my long term future.

The system as it is is nolonger fit for purpose.

subrosa said...

You're exactly the type of person I think they should be helping DiF. Those who want to study a subject which will improve their ability to survive by their own efforts and therefore gain confidence and self-respect.

All these millions spent on non-jobs makes a mockery of those who want to gain more knowledge.

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