Tuesday, 27 April 2010

'Answer My Question!'

What is it with so many Scottish political TV interviewers and Alex Salmond? Their manners are a disgrace to their profession.

In this clip from the ITV Politics Now programme Alex Salmond continues, calmly, to attempt to answer Bernard Ponsonby's questions.

Would anyone dare to question the leader of the Westminster parliament in such a way? Of course not.

These people cannot even show respect for Alex Salmond's title far less the man.

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Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

The sound went before the pictures? (Some of these videos seem well out of sync - or am I showing my failings in technology)

In my opinion this sort of bullying interviewing is counter productive; in as much as it annoys the viewer not to hear the answer and the frustration rebounds on the interviewer.

Myself, I prefer the sneakier style, where the politician put the noose round his own neck. But that seems to be a dying art in today's world of airbrush-n-spin.

But i would like to have heard Salmond's answer on the BBC interdict.

Dubbieside said...


That was Bernard Ponsonby interviewing Bernard Ponsonby.

Maybe he would be better with no guests, apart from Jim Murphy, then he would get all the answers he wanted.

If you want to see Paxo get well and truly stuffed go to Scots and Independent, but be warned you may hurt yourself laughing at Paxo.

A balloon well and truly pricked, or is that the other way round.

subrosa said...

Auch RA, it's working fine with me here. Give it another try.

True, it is just bullying and this is just irritating to watch. Your sympathy really goes to the interviewee regardless doesn't it.

Aye me too RA. One of these deadly silences once the interviewee has stopped speaking to push them into something completely unrehearsed.

subrosa said...

Hi Dubbie, aye I've seen the Paxo interview. What a splendid gentleman.

He should run courses in how to handle the likes of Paxo. Perhaps he'd make even more than he does in big business.

IMO it's the other way round. :)

elow said...

Alex Salmond was on the Call Kaye show on Radio Scotland yesterday. I know it's rubbish. Ms Adams' Labour petticoat was showing, and how. She was very brittle with lots of aggro. Possibly trying to prove herself as a heavyweight politico but was frankly silly. It was quite funny however.

subrosa said...

Hi elow. I've only listened to that programme twice. Once out of interest and the second time to verify my original opinion was right. She's a luvvie and useless at that type of show.

It really does prove the likes of Lesley Riddoch etc were sidelined because of their political allegiances.

Maybe I'll bring myself to listen to the clip on iPlayer - but I'm not promising. :)

subrosa said...

elow, super blogs by the way. I'm all for local bloggers. Well done.

William said...

You could question the effectiveness of Ponsonby's strategy but I don't think you can question his manners. We don't have to grovel to politicians anymore, believe it or not. I don't see that Alex Salmond's title affords him any respect. No-one's forcing him to do the job. Ponsonby looks quite tame compared to the behaviour of the likes of the late Robin Day or Jeremy Paxman.

subrosa said...

William, I think you must be quite young.

Didn't your parents ever tell you it is bad manners to interrupt someone when they're speaking?

Ponsonby was was in that clip, he accused Salmond of not answering yet Salmond couldn't get a word in.

I stick by what I've written. His manners were bad.

William said...

It was a feisty debate. Ponsonby might have been more aggressive than you would have liked but I don't see that Salmond has a right to waffle what he likes without being challenged. It's not a party political broadcast.

I'm sure Salmond is big enough to take it (ignore the chest pains Alex, they just mean you're hungry).

subrosa said...

It wasn't aggressiveness, it was rudeness. You don't ask people a question without giving them the chance to answer.

CrazyDaisy said...


I'm with you on this one, another bully in a pinstrip and tie trying to make on that he's the consummate professional!

Eck is an old hand at remaining calm, BZ.


subrosa said...

He was very tolerant right enough CD.

Oh, may the better team win on Saturday. :)

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