Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Wikio Rankings - Preview for March

1Iain Dale's Diary (=)
2Guy Fawkes' blog (=)
3Liberal Conspiracy (=)
4ConservativeHome's ToryDiary (+3)
5Labourlist (-1)
6Liberal Democrat Voice (-1)
7And another thing... (-1)
8Left Foot Forward (+2)
9Harry's Place (-1)
10Tory Bear (-1)
11Old Holborn (=)
12EU Referendum (+3)
13The Devil's Kitchen (-1)
14Dizzy Thinks (-1) (+1)
16UKPolling Report (+8)
17Nick Robinson's Newslog (-3)
18Archbishop Cranmer (+1)
19Next Left (+1)
20Mark Reckons (+1)
21Mr Eugenides (-4)
22Stumbling and Mumbling (=)
23Tim Worstall (+2)
24Andy Reed MP (-1)
25Charlotte Gore Blog (-7)
26John Redwood's Diary (+3)
27Alex Massie (-1)
29SUBROSA (-1)
30GrumpyOldTwat (+1)
31The Wardman Wire (-4)
32SNP Tactical Voting (+9)
33Pickled Politics (+5)
34Boulton (=)
35A blog from the back room (=)

Ranking by Wikio


Ollie Cromwell said...
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Ollie Cromwell said...

The list is identical to my estimates from Tuesday with one exception. I missed SNP tactical voting as Wikiolabs would not return a score (they have changed domain) they are at 32 pushing everyone on my list down one from there. Apart from that spot on. Now I know how to get theirs too so if I do this again it will be 100%.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Well done again!

subrosa said...

Auch WW I've no idea how I get there. I don't understand the technicalities of it all but thank you.

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