Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Today's PMQs: The Verdict


Pinched from Calling England, (where you can also see video of the occasion), a summary of today's PMQs.

Absolutely terrific this week. It was funny, it was barbed, it was humiliating. This session between Harman and Hague was a definite Hague 'win'. How different when questions are asked of our own dear queen? Videos of the full session will be posted later so you can make up your own minds - it will be half an hour well spent and might raise a smile to your lips, as it did to mine.

After explaining that Gordon was greeting President Zuma Harman read the roll of honour with as much grace as a primary school pupil reading from Janet and John Have Two Mums.

The first question came from Eleanor Lang, Con Epping Forest: Why has manufacturing declined faster under this Labour govt than under any other administration ever?

Lots of rumbling at that opening question and Harman accused the Conservatives of talking the country down, while denying the allegation and saying what Britain 'will be'. "British manufacturing is strong and British manufacturing has a great future." I wonder what she means by "advanced manufacturing"?

With a yawning Ainsworth to her left and an 'anywhere-but-here-please-God' Alexander to her right it seems like they've given up believing in their own lies and spin. As for Harman herself, she wore a cluster of enormous black beads around her neck which seemed to create a worsening rash. The longer the session lasted, the worse the red rash from her chest to her face became. Nod - nod - rhubarb - rhubarb.

Andy Reed, Labour, Loughborough, found little sympathy for his question on the 1200 jobs with Astro-Zeneca will be lost from his constituency to Cheshire. 'Be grateful t'jobs are still in t'country' seemed to be the response. Reed actually looks like a nice chap - genuine man with the interests of his constituents at heart.

Hague was up next - just watch the videos, there are many moments worth treasuring in this PMQs after the dearth of the past months. He was authoritative and dismissive. Harriet was in a spin; she called Hague 'the Foreign Secretary' and he took advantage. From there it was all downhill for Harman.

Ashcroft of course came into it as a means of deflecting questions from Hague and Cable (who also got off to a good start - pity about the weak ending though).

The govt benches were routed. Perhaps Gordon should think twice in the future before he opts out of PMQs. Perhaps the 'clunking fist' is all they've got? I've never seen GeorgeOsborne laugh so much; I hope he makes the most of it because when the govt finally releases the full details of the country's indebtedness, he won't be laughing - and neither will we.

Bercow had to intervene so many times I lost count. He was elected by the Labour Party who don't respect him; his election was purely to get up the noses of the Conservatives and that's not a good foundation for a Speaker of The House of Commons.

One comment I'd like to make about PMQs is that it's all very well but, in the context of the EU, it really isn't relevant now. Michael Foot has passed away - his day has gone. In passing, I wonder what he'd make of the current Labour Party which embraces the EU. What matters now is the fight for the future.


CrazyDaisy said...


Harman is shoddy to say the least, how un-professional?

Nice to see Labour passing "Broon Envelopes" across the front benches - wee Dougie looking like someone stolen his sweeties.

As ever, Hague was sickly good, Harman was vague....


subrosa said...

She was poor CD right enough. I've never seen her perform so badly.

I think the broon envelope wis a jiffy bag. Made me wunner whit wis in it. ;)

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