Monday, 15 March 2010

Labour's Spin Unspun

Labour issued a video last week, with regard to public service cuts, in an effort to scare us all into worrying about public service cuts. Their captions have been overwritten. This is the 'amended version'.


Allan said...

Of course, the biggest layer of Non-job in the public sector is the layer of unnecessary middle management which has permiated public life over the past couple of decades, not to mention the black hole in public finances marked "consultation fees". I don't see that anywhere in that film from the Conserva... Ah no wait.. that was from those bastions of democracy, the Tax-payers alliance wasn't it?

It would suit them better to campaign for the closure of certain tax-loopholes than to campaign to put people out of a job.

subrosa said...

Allan, I don't think they're putting people out of jobs in this video, they're just showing the non-jobs which have arisen through labour's 'reign.'

Of course you'll be happy to pay these non-jobs their big pensions. Thankfully I'll be dead by then.

William said...

I think you'd need to be wired to the moon to think that when the Tories (and we can drop the pretence and recognise that TPA is nothing more than a Tory front) talk about cutting public budgets they mean getting rid of street football co-ordinators.

They look a shower of creepy bastards on their website, tbh.

subrosa said...

I really don't care if the TPA is tory William, it does speak sense at times.

The original video of this was scaremongering, frightening people into thinking their doctor, nurse, teacher etc would be removed with ps cuts.

We all know labour has founded more non-jobs than any government ever. It's the non-jobs which should go.

William said...

Well, the Tories 'greatest' leader, Winston Churchill, dismissed the NHS and welfare state as a 'frantic extravagance'.

The Tory view does not appear to have changed much since then. So I don't think it can be taken for granted that the Tories 'only' mean media consultants and the like. It never works out that way with them.

Allan said...


They might not be puting people out of a job, but they are effectively saying that certain jobs are useless, while the video itself can be viewed as being demeaning.

What is the TPA's criteria for a "non-job", is it a position which is advertised in the Guardian per chance (as these positions appear to be the easy target jobs that the likes of the Daily Mail and the (s)Express take pot shots at for being PC gone mad positions).

Yes the Tax-payers Alliance does talk some sense at times. At other times, like here they show their true colours by attacking "non-jobs" with no explanation why these are non-jobs, yet at the same time thet are silent on the many millions wasted by tax avoidance.

If New Labour really wanted to frighten people, they should have posted a video, any video, of Boy George's speeches to the city.

subrosa said...

Allan there are so many non-jobs around these days they make my eyes water.

In my experience in the voluntary sector it's astonishing how many people are paid for doing little or nothing or doubling, trebling or quadrulping what is already done by other agencies.

Don't speak to me about non-jobs and we have to pay these folks large pensions remember.

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