Monday, 22 March 2010

I Really Don't Need This

I was going to post a photograph of the people mentioned in this then I thought I've seen enough of their faces already.

Do we have to tolerate this or this, even though Samantha Cameron is pregnant, or even this on Twitter:

@sarahbrown has sponsored her husband to do the #sportsrelief mile this morning (and put own feet up with cup of tea)

Are we electing a couple or a man (as is the case in this general election)?

It is of no interest to me whatsoever what the wives of these men do or don't do. In fact it's disappointing Nick Clegg's wife felt she had to 'keep up' with the labour and tory women, because I was thinking, just yesterday, how sensible the libdems were keeping out of the 'totty' battle. I was wrong.

Should Scottish politicians ever go down the road of waving their wives in my face then, no matter how much I may like their policies, I will not vote for them. I find the whole PR wives stunt nauseating.

Anyone remember Ruby Wax? An opinionated, loud American who was a TV chat show host some years ago. She's now advising the government. Goodnight Vienna has an excellent post about this. As she says it's just a small niggle in the greater scheme of the mess facing Britain but the cost could well keep quite a few pensioners in comfort for the rest of their lives.


Hythlodaeus said...

Don't worry Subrosa, I think you'll be saved.

Moira Salmond is said to utterly despise any form of publicity, while Annabel Goldie is unmarried. I think Ian Grey may also be unmarried, but I'm not sure. Tavish Scott does have a wife and kids, but I think he's far too sensible to drag them into it.

It is bloody ridiculous though. Demeaning to everyone involved, not least the women and women who seek to enter politics on their own merits.

Uncle Marvo said...

Bloody well said, Rosie.

Quiet_Man said...

I think they see themselves as a package to be sold. Sarah Brown does the same though I suspect Michelle Obama gave them the idea though it might have been Cherie Blair at cause.

Either way I vote on policies, not wives.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Brilliant post, Rosie. As I think I mentionewd elsewhere, the 'good grief' for me began once footballers started parading their kids around the pitch after the cup final instead of the cup, now it's politicians clambering over themselves to appear more lovey-dovey family-friendly.

Who gives a toss if they can punt out a couple of kids? It's how they kick a ball or handle legislation (respectively) that should matter.

It strikes me that this is more pandering to the 'Take A Break' generation.

Witterings From Witney said...

Whats wrong with a bit of Totty Battle lost of scratching and hair pulling, spitting and all-round bitching?

Seriously though Sr, I agree with you. The wives are a total distraction and have nothing to do with who forms the next govt - in fact who cares what the wives are like? As for SamCam and the fotos in the torygraph today - yuk! As for the Cleggess and Browness - double yuk!

subrosa said...

Iain Gray is married Hythlodaeus and the others have enough common sense to keep their family out of it.

The women don't seem to see how undignified all this makes them.

subrosa said...

Thanks Marvo, somebody had to say it. Kind of fed up reading top bloggers panting at photos of Sam Cameron today.

subrosa said...

QM I do take into account the personality but always try to remember that person may, for one reason or another, be replaced by one who didn't connect with me.

subrosa said...

Thank you Dick. Yes it's pandering to our poor dumbed down population.

Sickening really that so many will fall for it too.

subrosa said...

Ah WFW, were you one of those drooling over Sam Cameron today??

Ah I see not. Thank goodness. You've restored my faith in you. ;)

cynicalHighlander said...

Sad shallow people, empty of life, thinking only of their own self importance fit only to be characters in a video game where we can switch them off permamently. If only!

subrosa said...

If only indeed CH. I suppose it sells papers all this family stuff.

Now, if we were to be shown their bank statements that may be interesting. ;)

Apogee said...

Just another version of the football WAG's. Window dressing, as some one else said.

subrosa said...

Certainly not very high quality window dressing Apogee.

Joe Public said...

Sam cam now feels like the rest of us voters.

Well Screwed.

subrosa said...

Oh dearie me Joe. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems that not only are we electing a president ...well, when I say we, most of us don't have the slightest say in who it will be, but we are electing one none-the-less.... we are electing his wife too.

Now I thought that equality and all that stuff had got rid of the need for the big strong man to have the little woman behind him, or beside him, or in front of him.... (that will do I think)

It isn't really that either of the two who have so far performed is worth a second look, either from the point of view of looks, or charm. They are both pretty sickening. I know, it’s politically incorrect to say stuff like that, but if they insist on behaving like 1950s housewives, what can they expect?

Nick is a better deal than either Cameron or Brown; let's hope his wife is a site better than the other two.

On the other hand I have had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Salmond, and a more delightful, charming and pretty woman you just couldn't hope to meet. And she keeps out of politics almost all of the time. Well done to her.

subrosa said...

Yes Tris, the so called 'big boys' could learn a lot from Alex Salmond, in more ways than one.

scunnert said...

Celebrity politics is a double edged sword for when you bring your spouse into the arena they are fair game for the lions. I'm sure some journo will be looking into the wive's backgrounds and trying to dig up the dirt. All of this, of course, is a distraction for the masses and has no relevance at all in selecting a government to lead a nation.

Lee Enfield Mk1 said...

The whole cult of mediocrity - Ruby Wax being a prime example - is nauseating.

Seeing one of the Oasis band front men opining re the future of Gordon B. was the pits.

I assume these types like Ruby Whacks are paid a small fortune for their work - necessary as their careers have obviously gone south.

Russel Brand advising on the NHS, anyone :)

JuliaM said...

"...I was thinking, just yesterday, how sensible the libdems were keeping out of the 'totty' battle. I was wrong."

Never, ever bet against the will to win of a politician...

banned said...

Take a look at G.O.T. this morning, though it's not for the squeamish!

subrosa said...

Julia, I was hoping Nick Clegg had enough sense not to follow the other two like a sheep. Unfortunately not.

subrosa said...

What's he up to now banned?

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Rightly condemn the practice if you must. But if the pages of the book of Democracy are filled with dissemble, obfuscate, incompetent and duplicit text then punctuated by corruption, is it any wonder the barrel of vacuity is being scraped to find an acceptable page by its blankness.

Just how much of this cancerous government corruption needs to be exposed before we take the knife to it.

How many Channel 4 programmes do we need before we rebel against the absurd connivance of senior politicians and the top echelons of so called civil servants to rape the democratic process for their own selfish gain.

These are the individuals who under the pretext of democratic governance have allowed the banks to clear the coffers of state and indebt to the tune of £1.3trillion and who are now in the process of robbing the elderly and the needy in order to pay the interest charged on that same indebtedness.

The same individuals who create wars and commit mass murder in the name of a democracy they treat and regard with abject contempt.

Hypocrits who mouth the words, heroes and brave over the cadavers of youths and young fathers, while in truth the couldn't give a monkey's toss.

In essence the whole Whitehall/Westminster cabal is an anathema to all that democracy stands for and the last thing governance of these demented Isles needs.

Scotland, grab the opportunity and save your £5million from this tyranny of corrupt incompetence.

hatfield girl said...

'Should Scottish politicians ever go down the road of waving their wives in my face...'

Well, I can't imagine you would vote for the MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, (though my dear mother invariably voted for 'that nice Mr Grimond - his name wasn't there so I added it' - and this in a Hatfield that had Lord Balniel standing), but the wife-waving is
first and foremost a practice of The Scottish Politician.

w/v is Culedin (is everything Scottish here?)

subrosa said...

I meant MSPs of course HG. :)

Culedin - marvellous. Well it is a Scottish blog HG! Bad spelling though.

subrosa said...

I do condemn the practice RA.

Having read your super comment, it occurred to me that more and more these incompetents, frauds and chancers are exposed to us by a 24 hour media, yet we still do little when they're exposed.

Why is that? Why do people not care who represents them? The laws of the land are set against the people - that's my view.

Until people stand up and protest then nothing will be done. Having a vote every 5 years is certainly not enough in a modern democracy.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

One, three or fives years means nothing when the result can be manipulated or distorted.

Why do we put up with such corrupt and incompetent governance? Could it be a soup of apathy, designer ignorance, the I'm all right denial, the ghettoization of the disenfranchised, the triumph of short term stupidity over long term sense, or avarice over integrity. Or is there a lemming like neural path way in our human make up that drives us over the cliffs of doom.

Or is it just that having been trained and treated like lemmings it's taken for granted that we'll squeal like them?

And can you blame them for expecting and acting on that; when,most of the time, it's exactly what we do.

subrosa said...

I certainly think we've been manipulated in the past few decades RA. Our freedoms have been removed gradually.

When I was younger I 'picketed' outside a government department which I thought had treated me shabbily and incompetently. That was my right to walk up and down with my placard proclaiming my grievance. Could I do that today? I very much doubt it without police interference.

These laws have been introduced to suppress the people not protect them.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Rosa, when I was young I raised two fingers to the world.

Now I have difficulty raising one.

Re: another post. As to you Dad dabbling on the stock market. Fair enough many of us did. Difference being we dabbled with our own money.

subrosa said...

We do get to that stage RA and with me cynicism plays a part.

Yes it was his own money. When he retired he had a civil service pension but nothing like the percentage in earnings today's civil servants receive. He didn't receive bonuses either even though he undertook training for junior officers.

He'd me horrified at what goes on nowadays as he believed in fairness.

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