Tuesday, 23 March 2010


One of our soldiers was killed in Afghanistan yesterday. He was from A Company, 3rd Battalion The Rifles (3 RIFLES), serving as part of the 3 RIFLES Battle Group.

He died as a result of an explosion which occurred in an area 3km south of Sangin district centre in Helmand province. He was operating in support of a foot patrol when, as he crossed a small bridge, he was struck by an IED.

May his family and friends support each other during this hellish time in their lives.

We have now lost 276 of our armed forces in this war.

Trixy asks if we are fighting for democracy. I would say no.


Oldrightie said...

Whilst our politicians are so busy scamming jobs and posh holidays abroad, Subrosa, we shall lose many more until these useless cretins get a grip.

subrosa said...

Every fraudster should be sacked OR. I don't give a xxxx if their claims were 'an administrative error' or not.

Selma said...

Its not a war, it's an occupation.

subrosa said...

It may be an occupation now Selma but it was a war. The government refuse to call it a war because then military funding would have to come out of the main budget rather than the MoD's. All part of the reason Brown won't hold a war cabinet.

I will continue to call it a war until I have evidence to the contrary.

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