Monday, 1 March 2010

Debate is Free

I was asked by Kirsteen Fraser of Debate is Free to publish the following and I'm pleased to do so:

We at Debate is Free are holding an event for young, first time and undecided voters in Scotland as we approach the General Election which could be just weeks away. Many voters will be wanting straight answers to their questions from all the parties. At DiF we aim to please so over the past few weeks we have been working on a way to give the people exactly what they want. We have approached all the parties and have got a panel together for you to send your questions to as General Election 2010 moves even closer.

The final panel is as follows:

Patrick Harvie - Glasgow MSP and Co-Convener of the Scottish Greens

Ann McKechin - Glasgow MP and Minister for the Scotland Office

Alistair Carmichael - MP for Shetland and Orkney and Lib Dem Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland and Northern Ireland

Tommy Sheridan - Co-Convener of Solidarity

John Mason - Glasgow MP and SNP Spokesman for Work and Pensions

Richard Cook - Conservative PPC for East Renfrewshire

You might have seen that Question Time is also holding a first time voters edition and ours is of a similar idea. However the political outlook in Scotland, due to devolution, is a very different one from the rest of the UK and we think it would be more useful for voters in Scotland to have a programme that caters for them and the issues that dominate Scottish politics.

We have done our best to ensure we have a vibrant and interesting panel and we hope as many of you send in your questions as soon as possible or apply to be part of the audience, but please hurry as space is very limited for the audience.

Get your questions or topics for debate into debate @ (no spaces) or to be part of the audience use the application form here.


Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

"We have approached all the parties"

No they haven't

subrosa said...

Well Alan, the email etc is there. Tell them.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Rosa -very good. But you know what's missing from the panel?

A Mr & Mrs Joe Public - same as is missing from all the quango's, committees, inquiries and bureaucratic nonsense that plague our lives like a toxic virus.

It would be the better for having yourself on it?

Debate is Free said...

Don't worry Raggy as a recently made redundant now personal carer and part time student I will do my utmost to make sure the average joe gets their turn in smacking their view through to those on the panel. I should be able to as I am the poor sod chairing it!

Alan, I hope thats everything cleared up now and we will try and get you on the show in the near future for an interview.

I will be glad when this thing is over.

Scottish Socialist said...

No SSP? In the SOS/Scotsman YouGov poll, they had more support than all the other small parties combined, bar the Greens.

subrosa said...

No RA, I think you'd be far better than me thinking on your bum. I get too emotional. I see Kirsteen has responded to you. (if it's not Kirsteen then it's someone with empathy with the hoi polloi).

subrosa said...

SS, do as Alan did of the Jury Team. Contact the organisers and put your case forward. The email addresses are there.

Good luck.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Rosa - unfortunately I have to beg off.

You see, it's not widely known but its between me and Connery for the presidency of an independent Scotland.

I've got the looks, but he, the jammy barsteward has the money.

And Debate if Free, thanks for the reply - wish you the best of luck and i feel the same about the Union.

Debate is Free said...

On the subject of parties who are on the debate just to clear this up once and for all. Invites were sent out to parties and those who responded within a certain period were on the panel due to limited funds and limited equipment. The max for the panel was 7 including the chair unfortunately as we are punching aboue our weight on this one. I would like to include everyone but it means its difficult for the audience to keep up and it means you have about 15 people on the panel. I wish I could include everyone but I am afraid its a case of first some first served due to the above constraints.

Rosa- it can be very difficult remaining neutral in a debate especially when your reaction is to bop who ever is saying something stupid on the head.

On the subject of debates I am fast learning you can't keep everyone happy.



subrosa said...

I won't manage it either RA but it's nothing to do with looks or money. That must be a man-thing. ;)

subrosa said...

Kirsteen, I do realise how difficult to keep everyone happy. May I wish you all the best and it will work out fine, it always does.

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