Monday, 1 March 2010

Climate Change

I have set up a poll (on the right) to find how many believe climate change is naturally man made.

My belief is in the 'no' camp and I agree with evidence such as this. One example I know and although it's no scientific document it's not ambiguous. Some of you may also be interested in this, some extracts from the Institute of Physics written evidence to the inquiry into the CRU Climate Gate affair.

Please do feel free to vote. Since Copenhagen the results may differ greatly.

Update: As I have been criticised for the wording of my previous poll (see comments), I have decided to publish another which may be clearer for those who had difficulty. If you did vote previously, please do so again. Many thanks and apologies for the inconvenience.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

What strange wording in your poll.

Q - Do you believe that climate change is man-made?

A - No.

That I could go along with; but "No, there is no scientific consensus" ??? WTF? You are conflating two issues. Science isn't a matter of consensus, it's a matter of provable and tested hypotheses, which may approximate to facts if well supported by the evidence.

It wouldn't make any difference to your question if there were a consensus: the consensus could be wrong, as many have been in the past, or obtained by fraudulent political means, as this one was until it fell apart.

Consensus is just nothing to do with it.

"I don't know, I am not a scientist"?? Again, wtf? A non-scientist can have an opinion on these things; he gets it from those he trusts, ie scientists (not railway engineers, but climate scientists; peer-reviewed, but not by each other).

Yes, No, Haven't decided, would be reasonable options.

I can't give an answer to your poll, the options are too weird.

Anonymous said...

how many believe climate change is naturally man made.

That's highly ambiguous. Either you think it's natural, or you think it's man-made. Or you think it's partly one, partly the other.

Me, I suspect it's mostly natural. With a bit of man-made thrown in.

I don't know which box to tick in your poll.

subrosa said...

The wording was drawn from German, American and Australian polls Yachtsman.

I apologise the wording is unacceptable to you but I'm not changing it now.

Yes I could have left the 'I don't know' question as just that, but many say their opinions are completely disregarded because they have no scientific qualifications.

subrosa said...

Oh dear, two discontented people. 58 have voted so far and had no problem.

Frank, I didn't say 'naturally' man made. I say man made.

I will consider rehashing it but of course it's not going to be suited to yourself or Yachtsman I can tell.

cynicalHighlander said...

Glad you added one I can register on.

subrosa said...

Weren't you happy either CH? Goodness me. The last one was one top German, US and Australian sites so I thought it would be acceptable here. Just goes to show doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

drawn from German, American and Australian polls

Just goes to show how the answers you get depend on how the questions are asked.

Much better now.

subrosa said...

At least that's one happy customer Frank. :)

Vronsky said...

I don't know who you're fooling, but it ain't the Chinese.

banned said...

As Vronsky alludes, the Chinese just 'voted' to ignore global warming and go for growth.

re "extracts from the Institute of Physics written evidence to the inquiry into the CRU Climate Gate affair". today report
"The Royal Society of Chemistry has made a statement to the Parliamentary inquiry saying they as an organization support open data sharing. They now join the Institute of Physics in making a strong statement on the practices of UEA/CRU".

So that's two leading bodies of real scientists distancing themselves from the Phil Jones gang.

subrosa said...

I'm not fooling anyone Vronsky and I'm doing my best to ensure nobody's fooling me. :)

subrosa said...

Ah banned thanks for the link to He didn't have that post up when I posted this but it's also particularly relevant.

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