Sunday, 28 February 2010

Is This the Tories Secret Weapon?

David Cameron, in a video on his WebCameron blog, says the Conservatives' plans are "bold and radical." He also said: "I defy anyone to look at our plans and call them timid - because the truth is they cannot be timid if we're to confront and defeat these problems."

Bold and radical? There was a week or so last year when promise of a referendum on the EU was mentioned. That was bold and radical, but they slipped right back into protective mode, waiting for Gordon Brown to slip up rather than they themselves stepping up. David Cameron's boldness evaporates however because it's always provisional and subject to correction if not well received.

The Tories had the chance to question climate change, even though many are not persuaded the threat even exists, yet rather than open up debate David Cameron's green rhetoric has mainly dropped out of his repertoire.

I believe the economy would be safer in Conservative hands as that's been proved throughout my lifetime. David Cameron has been the leader of the tories for four years now yet the public have not acquired a sense of what he is about. They certainly don't have long to ensure the message gets across.

The American electioneering style doesn't appeal to me but David Cameron needs to reach a far wider age group than mine. Will this be the Conservatives saving grace?


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


Could you provide this 'proof' of Conservative economic Competence??

Why do you bother banging the drum for the snp if deep in your heart and soul you are a Conservative supporter.

I mean why bother you should 'to one own self be true'

and vote conservative

subrosa said...

Oh Niko, you never give up do you. I bang the drum for no individual party. I criticise or credit every party when I consider it's deserved.

Ever since I recommended one of John Redwood's posts over a year ago you've accused me of being Tory. I'll have to find another one for this week. :)

CrazyDaisy said...

His hands are as safe as an England cricket team member!

Sadly, Liebore are using the monthly publication of the NUT to beg teachers to come out and canvass negatively against the BNP in Barking. This to prevent them gaining the seat for a BNP MP!

Complaining against fascism, wow how lefty eh? My wife is increasingly being pushed in a Tory direction due to Ed Balls incompetence. Captain Ranty has an interesting article.

Thing is Teachers are pretty much forced to be a member of a Union.

CrazyDaisy said...

Interesting that Dave comes on stage to "All These Things That I've Done" - by The Killers

He's done nothing yet.

Most of his speech was as hollow as the centre of a polo mint and ad vaccuous!

Time to watch "The Ugly Truth"


Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

"What we will do will be bold and radical."

When we know what it is and when we do, when we decide to do it....

Whatever it is and we're allowed to do it.....

Bold and radical it will be, I can assure you of that; that's a promise you can hold me too when the time is right. Honest.

wisnaeme said...

His hand gestures say it all, really.

we're to put down and kept in oor place is my take on it.

Every picture betrays a thousand words eh?? Aye right enough, particulary if those words belong to a Westmidden politico on the make.

subrosa said...

Labour don't seem to notice they're pushing people towards the BNP behaving they way they do.

Yes but surely teachers can object to what their union leaders are doing.

subrosa said...

CD, I haven't heard his speech. I taped it so will do later if someone hasn't already transcribed it somewhere.

subrosa said...

Honest RA? Aye right. ;)

subrosa said...

Will comment once I've seen it wisnaeme. Mind you, some of his rhetoric about Scotland has been a bit domineering.

Ronnie. said...

I always love your anti-torie twist on matters .
Have you forgotten Megrahi`s birhday party. Or have you forgotten about Scot`s Law.
Trust your fellow people and let the bastard die incarcerated.

Apogee said...

MR MXYZPTIK. The answer seems to be that when labour enter office the coffers are stuffed full.
When labour finally gets the bums rush its usually the people that have been stuffed.


CrazyDaisy said...


why so bitter? He seems to be innocent only time will tell, the dark hand of the CIA is on this one and Westmidden.

Get over it, no one cries for who the UK and USA have slaughtered in the name of peace, spare your crocodile tears trying to impune the Scottish Government.

Saor Alba


subrosa said...

Ronnie, is my anti-tory twist better than the MSM's anti-SNP spin? If so I feel honoured.

subrosa said...

Well said Apogee and you too CD.

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