Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Wrong Decision

Banning Islam4UK is wrong. But what do we expect from a government which is a shambles and operates constantly in crisis mode.

Rather than write the reasons for my opinion, I'm going to be lazy today and suggest you visit the blogger in Aberdeen. He says it far better than me anyway! (The picture has been openly stolen from him too).

It's also wrong that Choudary's receiving police protection in the guise of hourly security checks at his council tax funded East London home. Speak about giving the man and his malice publicity!


Strathturret said...

On this issue he's right. Free speak for all. Isn't that what we're fighting for? Sorry I know its oil....

His other comments are a silly rant. Banning smoking in public places has been a huge advance. When I went to pub/restaurant before my clothes stank and I got a sore head from the smoke. People do not run diesel engines inside public buildings. Why should they be allowed to smoke!

subrosa said...

Leg Iron uses the smoking ban to show how our freedoms are limited Strathturret. He's not against pubs etc banning smoking as is their right if they wish to do so.

People run air conditioning inside building Strathturret and, as in planes, it's recycled air with all the germs just going round.

Did you know that planes etc are now 40% less healthy than they were when smoking was allowed? Back then 40% of air conditioning had to be fresh air and now the figure is 0%.

My headaches from pubs/restaurants are usually self inflicted.

Why is smoking banned yet legal?

Because the treasury makes a fortune from the tax on it that's why. Now I could understand if it was banned and illegal, that would make sense.

Leg-iron said...

Strathturret - I'm sure you'll also regard me being banned from smoking in my own home as a huge advance. No children here, by the way.

Perhaps the control of salt and fat and alcohol in those pubs and restaurants will be a huge advance too?

Won't happen? If ten years ago, someone had said to you 'You know, one day those smokers will all be banned from every public building, including the ones you never visit and never will, even including those grotty backstreet pubs, and they won't even be allowed to set up a private smoker's club anywhere, ever,' would you have believed them?

You like this ban.
I hope you're as happy with the next one.

Strathturret said...

Sorry its an unhealthy disgusting habit. End of story.

There was maybe an excuse for my grandfathers who were given free cigarettes in the trenches of WW1 but not today.

Observer said...

The smoking ban was brought in because of health and safety legislation, employers didn't want to be sued because of passive smoking.

Personally I am all for it, it has minimised my smoking to just a few a day. That's a selfish point of view but I know many smokers share it.

That's why the law is largely complied with, as good laws are.

Because they are based on consent.

Observer said...

I agree this was the wrong decision, expecially if he has got Police protection. That is a joke, we proscibe someone and then spend money on protecting them?

If he feels he is at risk he can call the cops the same as the rest of us do.

This lot and Nick Griffin's mob are two sides of the same coin. They can take the consequences of their actions - no special treatment.

Strathturret said...

Declining cigarette consumption. Some good news.

Observer said...

It isn't the job of the Police to monitor and anticipate right wing extremists attacking Islamist extremists or vice versa.

Stick them in a field and let them get on with it.

We have no more obligation to keep Choudary or his fascist equivalents safe, if they are placed in danger by their own actions, than anyone else.

Leg-iron said...

If Antjam's lot are banned, they should not be getting police protection. Would the IRA have been accorded the same privilege?

As for smoking, I'm not going to start a fight on Subrosa's blog. I'll do it on mine. Again.

Anonymous said...

Strathturret wrote: There was maybe an excuse for my grandfathers who were given free cigarettes in the trenches of WW1

Why? Why? Couldn't they have manfully taken a bullet in the head like any non-smoker?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Observer, are you an idiot in real life as well as posting execrable shite on blogs?

Strathturret, do you want to pay my mortgage as well as tell me what to do?

Crikey, Rosie, where do you find these people?

banned said...

Banning Islam4UK will be no more effective than banning CO2 or various strands of the IRA but will look good in the tabloid press.

Dunno why Straturret brought up the smoking ban but it is a thouroughly illiberal piece of control freakery that prevents likeminded folk from associating and is thus Fascistic.
I don't want to stink your clothes out Strathturret, I just want to be allowed to do my thing with my fellows and people like YOU have prevented it. I hope they get you next.

subrosa said...

Observer, I don't remember being asked if I wanted smoking banned and therefore I didn't give my consent.

Also I noticed, like the poll tax, it was tried out in Scotland first before England took it up. Another union dividend.

subrosa said...

It does seem he has police protection Observer. Quite a bit about it on Talksport today from neighbours.

subrosa said...

If smoking declines rapidly Strathturret you will see a similar decline in NHS services. The taxes from smoking go a long way to keeping the NHS from being bankrupt.

We could have had a much more flexible arrangement such as many other European countries but the UK decided no.

As I've said before why didn't the government go the whole hog and make it illegal like some other drugs?

Apogee said...

Firstly, Happy Birthday to the site(sorry its a day late)

Perhaps I can explain my feelings about these people with an analogy.

I would agree that every living thing has a right to life. But not to the extent that that my life is threatened.

When the statements of these people, and their actions, and the actions of their fellow travellers pose a threat, verbal or otherwise ,to the existence of me and mine, this is no longer free speech,they have gone way past free speech to the point of verbal assault, which is against the law!As is physical assault.
Has this not been used against people who have made comments they did not like? We have to take the statements that they make, as of intent to commit, if we do not, then we are fools, and have totally misunderstood the threat they pose.
If they do not like it here, they have the freedom to go and live in any country they wish that will accept them and which allows the lifestyle they would wish. It is perhaps unfortunate for us that a lot of these people have already been thrown out of such countries.


subrosa said...

The smoking ban does bring out the emotions in many of us still and that's after a couple of years.

Wonder what it'll be like once they start rationing drink? That day will come believe me.

Dark Lochnagar said...

BTW Rosie, the picture was stolen from the 'Daily Mail' where I also stole it a week or more ago. Banning UK4Islam is stupid and counterproductive and banning smoking in pubs is the best thing they ever did. Well done Labour.

subrosa said...

Ah right DL, then I'll credit the DM with it. :)

You'd better not read Leg Iron's latest post DL lol.

Leg-iron said...

Actually I nicked the photo from the Daily Telegraph (and credited same). It's probably a stock photo.

DL - the Tories are going to continue the controls into the areas of drink and food, including State-dictated portion size control and meal content. They will also place age limits on foods they deem 'unhealthy'.

I look forward to reading your wholehearted support of the re-implementation of the same template used for smoking.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

I remember demonstrating with MAG about the bike helmet laws back in the dawn of time, but would probably feel naked without one on a bike now.(Of course I'm talking about motorbikes; the dayglo tortoise shells that cyclists wear will probably become compulsary too.)
Pubs? Swings and roundabouts, you can get to the bar easier now, but all the good craic is out the back door in the rain.
Islamofascist organizations? Banning the titles of such organizations, does not make their membership disappear; it merely gives them a warm righteous glow in the knowledge that they are annoying the infidel.

subrosa said...

Non-smoking friends of mine say the same Conan that some pubs have lost their atmosphere in more ways than one. Then again most pubs round about here are basic drinking houses.

Spot on about the banning business. This bloke must be laughing all day and night.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Apart from one variant, I would ban bans where they interfered with choice or freedoms.

The variant would be on immigrants who haven't the manners to appreciate the hospitality afforded them - these I would ban from becoming immigrants.

Key bored warrior. said...

Having worked and travelled in these Muslim countries that these people are from or support, it gives me a real pain in the erse when I see people such as this Choudray sooking out gravy and laughing all the way to the bank. Were I to say some of the stuff he openly says If I were in Iran or Yemen I would without doubt be executed, and not in a human fashion but in the worst way they thought of at the time.

Britain takes pride in portraying itself at the moment as this hip multi ethnic society on the one hand, yet wants to extend her power to protect British interest on the other hand. According to the latest utterings from another weasel worded politician looking to absolve his gang of responsibility for the carnage. I mean of course the odious Bill Rammel. Filling his boots whilst denying them to squaddies.

Immigration needs to be controlled with a rod of iron. Homeland security needs beefed up. And we need to expel or jail for life these people who want us gone and their relatives. We need to keep the feck out of other sovereign nations and stop this exending our power shit it does not work, as we are now seeing. Rammel, Brown, Hoon, Ingram, Ainsworth, Browne, Darling, should be dragged behind a snowplough until they are dead.

I'm away into the fridge for a wee heat.

Little Black Sambo said...

Strathturret said, "Sorry its an unhealthy disgusting habit. End of story."
"End of story" - clearly no room for discussion, then. At least you are "sorry" about that.
What an unpleasant creep!

subrosa said...

Nothing more to add KBW, you've said it all.

subrosa said...

Sambo, I was going to delete your comment but decided against it. Please refrain from personal insults. You can fervently disagree with someone's opinion without resorting to them I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Here, hear. Let's not be personal - leave that to the polticians.

J. Derek said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
subrosa said...

J Derek. I have removed your comment because your language was inappropriate. If you wish to debate do it without personal attacks.

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