Sunday, 17 January 2010

Gordon Brown - As Deluded as Ever

I've finally listened to Gordon Brown's speech, to the Fabian Society on Friday, directed at the middle-England, middle-class voters.

And I believe that a fair society is one where everyone who works hard and plays by the rules has a chance to fulfill their dreams, whether that’s owning a bigger house, taking a holiday abroad, buying a new car or starting a small business.

The above is what he thinks are the priorities of most of us. Yes he's serious in thinking we all want a bigger house, a holiday abroad or a new car and it hasn't crossed his radar that most folk are struggling to keep the house they have, there will be far less holidaying abroad this year due to the weak pound and, if people are buying new cars, the main reason is that their savings aren't gaining any interest.

I came across the following the other day. It's a small part of the BBC Election Night 1992 with a younger David Dimbleby and Gordon Brown. Proof if you need it that his head was up in the clouds even.

Just to remind you the tories won the 1992 election 336 seats to labours 271.


Prodicus said...

That little list precisely circumscribes Brown's purblind definition of 'the middle classes'. No wonder he despises what he thinks they are like.

If such people existed and if this was the sum of their world view they would indeed be the soulless selfish, worthless people he imagines they are.

Brown really has no idea - but why would he? He has lived his whole life in a tiny bubble of Marxist theory whose small windows on the world around him are the writings of Lenin and his biographer Maxton.

Brown and his henchmen know nothing of the longings and dreams of ordinary people for financial security and independence of their own making in a stable and familiar society, the safeguarding of their hard-won liberties, the teaching to their children of the glories of their culture and their proper pride in all these things.

Having cut his teeth on words like ‘struggle’ and ‘class war’, Brown can think and speak only in terms of 'fighting'. He has no other language with which to appeal to anyone. This is typically Marxist and also typically Fabian (‘Causes to fight for in 2010’).

Brown and his Labour Party are now fighting most of the British people. Having destabilised the nation socially and wrecked it economically, Brown has made them weary of him and his bloody fighting.

Tory Totty Online said...

Excellent post and follow up comments, Sb and Prodicus. I started watching his speech yesterday and had to turn it off half way through. I was spitting blood. The gall of the man is mind blowing.

Sue said...

I must listen to the speech myself. He is totally deluded and I just can't understand why we have a lunatic as PM... surely someone should DO SOMETHING?

subrosa said...

Prodicus, how right you are about Brown and his vision of the middle classes.

He has done his best to create a fear culture as you say in the Marxist/Communist theories. Then again, is it surprising? The constituency he represents is part of the last bastion of communism in Britain.

You'll still find feisty communists in Fife, believe me.

Jim Baxter said...

Surely someone should DO SOMETHING?

Agreed. And, to be fair, one or two have, although the only former member of the Politburo to have any credibility left is Purnell.

But what of the rest? To consdier just two - Hoon now blames Brown for the helicopter scandal that is costing the lives of our service personnel. Yet he didn't resign at the time. The Straw in the wind bends with it - for him Thatcher was once a 'wicked woman' until Blair came along and 're-educated' him.

The same for nearly all of them. They all have an excuse to us, but worse, to themselves - better to continue to exert a moderating influenc from inside, good for the Party, what is good for the Party is good for the country - country needs a strong Labour party. Thh more deranged the leader the less likely they are to be brought down by their own side it seems. The leader knows where the bodies are buried and, unlike those who really do have some principles and loyalty, e.g. Thatcher, the deranged leader will threaten to take his side down with him. All who are most complicit in his crimes, those who stayed silent from the start in the hope of personal gain, are therefore silenced.

None of those who have stayed thus far in Brown's cabinet deserves anything other than total contempt. Most deserve a lot less than that.

subrosa said...

TT, it was reading your post yesterday that forced me into this one. I already had the video and thought it appropriate to the post.

I'll use it again nearer election time, just to remind folk how irrational the man has always been.

subrosa said...

Sue, ensure you've not just eaten before you listen.

None of them have the courage to do something Sue. In other words, not one politician values the country enough to put it before their own interests.

brownlie said...

"Everyone who works hard and plays by the rules has a chance to fulfil their dreams"

Well, it certainly worked for Lords Martin, Foulkes, Mandelson and many others, who quite transparently played by "the rules"!

Oldrightie said...

Brown failed to mention that middle class" parents aspire to marry and provide a stable home and good education for their kids. He really is a madman. Worse, however, is The Labour Party and their Union twats who let him get to this so unqualified a station.
As for his "list" of what the middle classes are, Jim sums it up well. I rather think it is a description of MPs, Labour in particular, rather than the real backbone of The UK. Well the backbone that was, before Phony came along to dupe them.

Anonymous said...

Conundrum: if we knew then what we know now, would it have made a difference?

Apogee said...

The story of the emperor's clothes comes to mind. You watch - just to see what the daft b*****d will do next!Totally delusional.And dangerous!
At the present moment most citizens require honesty from all politicians, not the lies and fairy stories we are getting from all major parties.
Slightly o/t but we are being told that married couples should not get tax breakes etc, because it would disadvantage single families/people not married.
Well,if a woman has paid all tax,nat security, the full monty as it were as a single person does,and then loses her job, she gets nothing in job seekers allowance, social security etc, if her husband is in a job. Do the politicians call this fair? Any politicians out there care to comment? Must be a lot of women in this position.Seems to me that married couples are being discriminated against?


Barking Spider said...

He had no better grasp of reality back then than he does now, SR, he should be in a secure mental facility.

Allan said...

Sounds very much like Brown: the New Labour re-write.

Be careful for what you wish for though, Brown has been a disaster but Cameron will be an even bigger disaster.

Liked the clip of Brown though, i reckon though that the interview would have been about half an hour before the Basildon result came in, the one which signaled that Labour would not win in 1992.

subrosa said...

Brownlie, an excellent description of today's labour party heid bummers.

subrosa said...

'The more deranged the leader the less likely they are to be brought down by their own side'

Spot on Jim, I'm sure many will agree with you there.

A parcel of rogues right enough.

subrosa said...

It was his assessment of the middle-class which astonished me OR and TT's anger too. The man doesn't have a clue from his little 'academic' bubble and his fawning foes does he.

subrosa said...

How far back are you thinking Stewart? Thatcher's era?

At least many in her cabinet had some intelligence, were shrewd without the vulgarity of today's labour and may have made a difference if they hadn't been so hot-headed in their decisions. ie privatisations.

subrosa said...

Hi Apogee, you've been watching the Politics Show. Wasn't Balls' performance pathetic? What amazes me is that couples who earn something like £50,000 get tax credits!

No that's certainly not fair, it's quite the opposite.

Do hope someone picks up on it Apogee. I'll keep note of it.

subrosa said...

The video shows he's never grown BS, same sound bites too.

subrosa said...

Allan, I doubt if many would say it'll be better under Cameron, even tories, but tory voters tend to have more 'control' over their politicians. Maybe I'm wrong.

Ah Allan, I can tell you sat up that night. I was trying to work out when it was.

DougtheDug said...

Ignoring what Brown says in the video, the oddest feature is that he comes across as almost normal in his mannerisms.

You can see the manic grin trying to break through now and again and he's got the jaw drop, pullback and intake of breath twitch but neither are that obvious.

Watch his No. 10 expenses video on youtube and it's a different man.

His mannerisms have become much more marked and now include bobbing, weaving and eyebrow lifting but whether this is a sign of stress, illness or just changes with age is hard to guess.

subrosa said...

Thanks for the link Doug. He's like the organ grinder's monkey in it. Personally I think he's completely out of his depth. He may be a good academic but he has few social skills as we're given examples of his lack of them regularly.

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