Monday, 4 January 2010

Afghanistan is Not the Right War

Another British soldier has been killed in Afghanistan. The soldier, from the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, died in a blast in the Nad-e Ali area on Sunday.

Another life wasted for no good reason. Another family and friends left wondering why.

We have now lost 246 military in this war. Shame on our politicians that they permit this to continue when they know full well this war is wrong. Do read the Helmand blog and read for yourself about the conditions under which our troops are carrying out our political masters' orders.

James Corbett, a respected reporter, has produced the following video. Although it's from an American perspective do have a look. He states some facts which you may not know.

I note today that Gordon Brown has said that any march which offends the families of soldiers killed and injured in Afghanistan would be "completely inappropriate". Three days it has taken for him to respond to this abhorrent individual Choudary and the response is so weak it's not really worth acknowledging. What the PM should be saying is that he will ensure no marches of this nature take place in Wootton Bassett or anywhere within a 50 mile radius of the town.

We are governed today by spineless, weak individuals who are engrossed in ensuring their positions on the world stage are not at risk. Our well being is of no concern to them.


Oldrightie said...

"What the PM should be saying is that he will ensure no marches of this nature take place in Wootton Bassett or anywhere within a 50 mile radius of the town."

If the fanatics have as good an insight into our Leaders' secrets as they have in waging terror then I suspect Jimmy Snot has to tread very carefully not to be "outed". Far fetched? I think not.
As for this bloody and dreadful loss of life just remember, if Labour do it they do it badly. Tragic.

subrosa said...

The way our leaders behave OR, it does seem as if these religious fanatics have something on them doesn't it.

They've known for some considerable time the war in Afghanistan is unwinable but yet they continue to tell us the lie that it's making our country safer.

Catey Maxx said...

What an excellent post to come back to!

I heard that Chowdry fanatic on Sky News this morning, spouting forth about the right to free speech in 'this' country - and how, if the march was disallowed, that in itself, would be undemocratic. It made me seeth.

Thanks for bringing up the Helmand Blog - I've been over there - it provides a fantastic insight into what's really going on.

I agree with you entirely.
"We are governed today by spineless, weak individuals who are engrossed in ensuring their positions on the world stage are not at risk."
However, even their position on the world stage is highly questionable!

Sandy said...

We are governed today by spineless, weak individuals who are engrossed in ensuring their positions on the world stage are not at risk. Our well being is of no concern to them.

I may quote you on that.

Excellent post Subrosa.

subrosa said...

Hi Cate. James Corbett is good and sometimes we tend to ignore the US opinions.

I've never been to Helmand and have never had a desire to visit that part of the world. Mind you, if I was 30 years younger and I was in the job I had in those days, I'd have been off like a shot.

So pleased to know you're back in the fray. You were missed by many.

subrosa said...

Hi Sandy. Well I was furious when I wrote that part of the post and just typed my angry thoughts. They are so spineless.

How many have stood up to be counted about Iraq or Afghanistan?

All credit to Eric Joyce, who I've slated many times, but he did stand down from his post as depute to the fool Ainsworth, but no others joined him.

Initially I thought Eric had done so only for political reasons, but now I think it was also a genuine disgust at how the military are being abused.

Eliot said...
Well Excuse Me but did I hear the word WAR, a definable legal concept with rules and regulations engraved in law? There are NO WARS currently LEGALLY waged according to US Laws and therefore WAR POWERS and WAR FUNDS appear used ILLEGALLY by CONGRESS, the EXECUTIVE and the COURTS. A President can declare a war in an Emergency but then at the next convening of Congress, the Congress must OFFICIALLY DECLARE LEGAL WAR on the enemy. Remember it has to be a real Enemy, usually one with country, airforce, nukes, etc. not a WAR on a WORD - TERROR - that is a war tactic. At the next meeting of Congress if Congress does not DECLARE LEGAL OFFICIAL WAR NO WAR FUNDS OR WAR POWERS CAN BE USED legally forward. Sure you can call it an insurgency or occupation or covert action, usually illegally but different rules apply to these, but those powers are limited and the funds usually secret, etc…

To violate the LAWS OF WAGING WAR, is to COMMIT TROOPS ILLEGALLY and steal WAR FUNDS illegally and KILL SOLDIERS ILLEGALLY and TORTURE PEOPLE ILLEGALLY and WAG WAR ILLEGALLY! No small abrogation of LAW, major crimes falling under the absolute definition of TREASON and SEDITION, we can hang ya for these crimes. Eventually, when this coup on country by our leaders is defeated, these WAR CRIMINALS WILL ALL BE TRIED TOO, including all those TWO FACED LYING POLITICIANS who voted to give WAR POWERS and FUNDS ILLEGALLY, sacrifice the LIVES OF SOLDIERS in false WARS, sacrifice the LIVES of the VICTIMS of our WAR CRIMES against their countries and STOLE the FUNDS to finance these CRIMES ILLEGALLY. Good riddance to all in Congress Repub or Dem who aided and abetted the ILLEGAL WARS GRANTING ILLEGAL WAR POWERS that have led to WAR CRIMES.

As our leader parade around, scaring you about WAR from TERRORISTS, to hide their crimes through fear mongering and misnomers like WAR and PATRIOT ACT, they all commit war crimes, except the few lone wolves in Congress who voted against the WAR CRIMES, say Kucinich, Paul, Gravel, and ??? What are we the PEOPLE to DO when the GOVERNMENT is committing CRIMES in our, the PEOPLES names? We the People are then compelled by the Constitution to bear arms and form militias to beat them out of office, if voting them out does not work due to voter fraud. Hijacking the vote already occurred like when the country went to Hell in a Bucket, when the Supreme Idiots voted the biggest loser President Bush into power by a 5-4 vote. At that moment in history we witnessed and did not PROTEST the usurping of our Democracy and they picked a DECIDER who was a DECIDEDLY EVIL GUY AND A WAR CRIMINAL. With this SUPREME TREASON to usurp the People Vote, went the very word Democracy and to fix the country we will need to reboot the country to that point and remove any one that Bush appointed, as his crown was gained illegally by voter FRAUD committed by the Supreme Court Justice, the 5 that appointed him. Prescott Bush should be proud of his grandson, Prescott’s companies seized for trading with the ENEMY HITLER in WORLD WAR II, leading to the death of many US Soldiers, his grandson followed well in his footsteps.
Eliot I. Bernstein
Iviewit Holdings, Inc. – DL

Other Websites I like:

Strathturret said...

All wars are bad and sensible people and countries should avoid them. They rarely achieve anything.

I'm not a pacifist; if attacked we should defend ourselves vigorously.

I've personally been rethinking WWII. We went in to defend Poland and finished it by handing Poland over to Joe Stalin our ally (who was just as bad as Hitler). And we ended up bankrupt and it was the beginning of the end of the British Empire (good thing we might now say).

But as a piece of botched planning and failed objectives, I'm starting to think the Appeasers were right all along. Defend the coast and keep out. At the end of the day Hitler was not interested in UK, he wanted to take on the USSR.

subrosa said...

Good morning Eliot. Thank you for your comment. Our laws on war here appear to be similar to yours.

Gordon Brown hasn't declared Afghanistan as a war and Tony Blair didn't call Iraq a war either. No war cabinets were set up here.

It means the funding for these wars must come out of the Defence budget and not out of the general funding. So, in order to pay for them cutbacks were made within Defence, hence the lack of equipment and hardware.

Now of course that's come back to haunt them when it's becoming clear our troops weren't properly equipped for either situation.

It's important these facts are kept in the public eye as this is a general election year in the UK.

subrosa said...

Morning Strathturret, I think many are of your opinion. Wars are money spinners for the arms dealers and those who make money from the misfortune of others.

As you say they rarely achieve anything and in many cases there are no winners only losers who happen to be the general populations.

You're also right about WW2. Why we handed Poland to Stalin I'll never fully understand.

Of course our present politicians still behave as if the Uk owns half the world. One day soon it will dawn on them that the EU owns us.

cynicalHighlander said...

We shouldn't be there as we are making a bad situation far worse.

Strathturret said...

Subrosa, I think the reason Poland was handed to Russia was because of the Red Army!

Was the post war settlement not made clear to Churchill by Stalin at Yalta?

We think of 'mission creep' as a new phenomenon (re Iraq) but I guess the holocaust made WWII worthwhile.

subrosa said...

Exactly CH, we've been saying that for the past year.

Mind you Yemen is next in their sights and they'll move there quite quickly to get out of the mess they've made of Afghanistan.

subrosa said...

Now you're into a bit of history which isn't my strong point Strathturret. I'll have to go and do some research.

I'm sure you're right though. You always are. :)

Gary France said...

Like many, I was deeply offended by Choudary's plan to stage a march through Wootton Bassett. I am however, very pleased to able to say, that I will be one of 10,000 motorcyclists riding through Wootton Bassett on Mother’s Day to show our support for the British Soldiers.

Whatever the rights or wrongs of this country being involved in the conflict in Afghanistan, we must show our support to the people who risk and give up their lives fighting for us. To the soldiers that have died or been killed, I thank you. To their families, I am sorry. To the government, stop this nonsense now.

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