Monday, 28 December 2009

The Scottish Tory Treasurer

Malcolm Scott is a conservative. Not a run-of -the-mill tory but a top-of-the-range one. They're few and far between these days in Scotland, at least publicly.

He is the treasurer of the Scottish tories and I doubt if they could find someone more equipped that Mr Scott to do that job.

Mr Scott is no ordinary citizen. He owns several companies and has donated more than £1.6m to the tories. David Cameron has the use of Mr Scott's private jet should he require it.

The media-shy tory has given an interview to the Herald in which he says he understands why many people hate the legacy of Margaret Thatcher, but he believes the tories have changed.

They may have changed but they're still irrelevant in Scotland. Unfortunately this year the Scottish branch of the conservatives have contributed little to the political scene here although the same can be said for labour and the libdems.

I think it's time Annabel Goldie stepped aside but that won't happen until after the general election. Meanwhile, with people like Mr Scott willing to add to their coffers, they won't be struggling for funds will they?


Oldrightie said...

Money is power, as ever. Still power in the right hands can be a very good thing.

subrosa said...

Morning OR. I know nothing about Malcolm Scott. I was hoping, by doing this post, that someone would give some information.

DougtheDug said...

Interestingly enough the article on Scott in the Herald mentions the dinner at Sir Jack Harvie's house. This was a big bash for fundraisers in Scotland and guess who weren't invited? The Leader of the Conservatives in Scotland Annabel Goldie and their sole MP David Mundell.

The Conservatives in Scotland are as ignored by their party hierarchy as are the Labour party in Scotland are and it sums up the general Conservative attitude to Scotland fairly well.

The Conservatives' lack of success in Scotland is not due to the legacy of Thatcher it's more to do with something more fundamental. In most countries in Europe you'll get a right-wing party who believe in business and low taxes but they also use patriotism as a means to bring in voters.

The problem for the Conservatives in Scotland is that despite wrapping themselves in the Saltire as much as Labour do they are still patriotic for the wrong country. The SNP may be well to the left of the Conservatives but they're the ones that Scots believe are standing up for Scotland.

Oldrightie said...

Hi, Subrosa, a man in the same mould as Lord Ashcroft who is the largest donor to charity in the UK.

Dubbieside said...


They may not be struggling for funds but they are struggling for votes.

The nasty party will never change, but the spin is a bit better. The core conservative value, look after our rich friends, will never change.

I think rather than win seats at the next general election, they are in more danger of loosing the one they have.

That would bring back Micheal Forsyth as Secretary of State against Scotland. Bringing him back with all his connections to Thatcher would ensure an SNP landslide at the 2011 Holyrood election.

Bring it on as they say.

subrosa said...

I remember that Doug. Think I did a wee post about Aunty Annabel's nose being put out of joint and with her just living within spitting distance of Harvie's house too. :)

Completely agree, they still come over as very much a southern English party. Don't know how they could change that. Stronger leadership in Scotland?

subrosa said...

Ah ty OR, I thought he was in that group. Good for him I say, he's worked for it and he's entitled to put his money where he wishes.

subrosa said...

Oh Dubbie, not Forsyth - please. Out of all the Scottish Secretaries in my lifetime, Forsyth was by far the worst.

Mind you, my lasting memory of him was when he walked up the Royal Mile behind a lump of concrete which was carried in a glass-topped bullet proof vehicle.

He called it a great occasion - the returning of the Stone to its rightful home. I called it one of the daftest shows I've ever seen.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, I hope you don't mind some constructive cricism, but what is the point in this story? As usual large business migrate towards the Tories because they think they are the party of business. That is why Labour have ran after their arse for the last 13 years like a beggar looking for scraps at a rich man's table. In the case of Blair it has certainly worked. He has accumulated so many scraps, he has a mountain of scraps!

subrosa said...

I don't mind criticism in the least DL and I can see why you're confused. All will be revealed by tomorrow if I can get round to doing another post by then.

Auch I'll explain now. I wanted to put on record tory, labour and libdem donors. Why? Because the unionists are always bashing Soutar, who donated to the SNP, that's why. It's a wee reminder to them where their monies come from. :)

Dubbieside said...


Yes Forsyth was the worst secretary of state in both our lifetimes. Just thinking about how bad he was makes Murphy look almost, well almost, just plain useless.

Still think him as unelected SoS would be a gift to us just in time for the Holyrood elections though.

Dark Lochnagar

I would disagree with you about big business migrating towards the tories because the think they are the party of business.

I think big business migrates towards who they think will win. (Think Murdoch) No point in buying influence from a party that will not have influence for the next five years.

subrosa said...

Don't underestimate Murphy Dubbie. He will stop at nothing to bring Scotland to its knees.

Strathturret said...

If you look at USA, big business hedges their bets by backing both parties.

In my neck of woods, Tories have a yappy carpet bagger of a candidate but all their workers seem to be students (mostly English!). Candidate has not worked since adopted over a year ago and they have a paid (useless) agent. So they seem to have plenty of dosh.

What they seem incapable of finding are good local candidates.

subrosa said...

Strathturret, I don't know any 'new' tory activists in this area. Seems to be the same old ones. Have never met an inspiring candidate either. Murdo still looks and behaves like a schoolboy and he's the deputy.

Strathturret said...

Interesting speculation a while ago about who would be SSS if/when the boy Dave wins. If you discount Mundell, they were talking about punting an MSP into the Lords and making him SSS. There was speculation about McLetchie (maybe taxigate is so last year!); I just thought Murdo might have been in with a shout. I mean they're desperate!

subrosa said...

Strathturret, Murdo could be in for it. He certainly wouldn't ever rock the boat in any way. It would be a wee present for his undying loyalty. So boring!!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oh right!

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