Monday, 28 December 2009

Keeping The Planet Cool?

The Madness Of It All!

"Glasgow airport has announced a £25m expansion plan to improve facilities for passengers and traffic access to the site over the next two years."

As much as I adore flying and aviation I cannot get my head round airport expansion versus the political hectoring on that confidence trick of AGW. Now, since we face one of the coldest winters for decades, why have all the MSM and the BBC not mentioned global warming since that disastrous jamboree in Copenhagen? Note also how quiet is that "Son of the Manse" post his snub drub up there. Snow, bring it on. I wonder how The Arctic ice cap is looking right now!


Strathturret said...

Personally, I think Glasgow Airport is in the wrong place. Coming from almost anywhere in Scotland by road transport (as most do) you have to cross the awful Kingston Bridge. Edinburgh Airport being west of Edinburgh is much more accessible to most Scots and looks a much better bet. I know this may upset the Weedgies and the boy Purcell might toss his toys out of his pram but its a geographic fact of life.

I imagine Scotland to London has to be rail in future. Its a lot greener and for city centre to city centre times its pretty close already before we get more security nonsense at the airports.

Think you are confusing weather with climate Subrosa.

Chris Brind said...

My understanding of what global warming means is that the average global temperature inclreas a side effect of which is more extremes of weather, e.g. our impressive recent cold spell.

Whether you believe the climate change is man-made or not (I'm coming round to the idea it's just a natural cycle) it still seems to be happening - you can find evidence online (if you choose to believe it).

For instance, there's a website dedicated to arctic sea ice which shows a steady decrease in the average amount of ice created during winter time:

Dramfineday said...

Brrrrrr minus 4 here in Cold old Edinburgh

Oldrightie said...

Chris Brind, that climate change warming dictates cold extremes is nonsense. As for the Arctic conditions, see my blog later today.
"Think you are confusing weather with climate Subrosa." Weather is dictated locally by climactic conditions pertaining to the planet per se. Fundementally the closer to the sun the warmer it is. That we have historic cold winters around every five years is a matter of climate. There has been little change of significance for three hundred years. Pollution affects localised areas and therefore cannot be related to climate. Cities are warmer than the countryside due to overcrowding. There is warming here, they are otherwise known as slums.

subrosa said...

Strathturrent, this is Oldrightie's post not mine. :)

I do agree with you about Glasgow though, the access from the east is dreadful. Mind you the population catchment area is possibly far bigger than Edinburgh's.

Indeed OR, not a squeak from any of the AGW since they all left in their private jets. The silence tells us all.

subrosa said...

I've not been over the door today Dram, far too cold. Also the snow is now solid ice. Thought it may be thawed a bit after all the salt and grit put down yesterday but no luck.

Must get out tomorrow though. I received a pair of these pull-on spikes for my boots so I'll give them a try.

Leg-iron said...

The Arctic ice cap is currently growing past my front door, I think.

It's winter, so there'll be no mention of the Arctic ice. The only thing in the news now will be Antarctic ice melting because it's summer down there.

When it's summer here, nobody mentions Antarctica.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

At my bit the dogs are walking on top of the undisturbed frozen snow.
Not having snowshoes, I don't.
The boots I wore today were not quite high enough...

subrosa said...

It's certainly growing outside mine LI. Haven't been out since Sunday and that was only to help clear accesses.

It's lethal underfoot, just solid ice.

subrosa said...

I'm petrified I fall Conan. Although the main roads are fine and they've gritted some pavements, I'm not 'good on ice' so have stayed indoors. That's got to change though, things to do.

cynicalHighlander said...

A good excuse to get Hetty out of her box and give her a whirl.

subrosa said...

My hetty sits here on the desk CH. She's around 5" tall and 4" in circumference. :)

Stephen Glenn said...

Of course Subrosa one of the ironies of a warming globe is the that the UK would face a larger range of temperatures in the start. We are exceptional mild and relatively constant in out climate here compared to others at our latitude.

When the oceans warm the convection of the Atlantic drift current is liable to follow a different course and therefore colder winters would ensue.

Oldrightie said...

"Of course Subrosa one of the ironies of a warming globe is.............."

So if it warms we get colder and if it cools we get colder and if the axis shifts we get colder and if pigs fly pork will taste different.

Apogee said...

Hi OR and SR.
Dont know if it means anything or not, but the 4 inches of snow in the road outside over the last 4 days is now 3 inches of solid ice.
Extrapolating from that, if the global warming zealots drop the average temperature a few degrees,we will have glaciers and polar bears coming over the hills at us!

Apogee said...

And speaking of snow reminds me, the forecasters have been promising snow for the last week, wouldn't mind some as it would push the temperature up a bit,how accurate has your forecast been in the past week?


subrosa said...

They did say it would be freezing here all the time though Apogee and they're right.

I've just done a post to be published in a wee while which shows my 'bonny' garden. Lethal garden would be more like it. As you say it's pure ice.

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