Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Price of Labour's Multiculturalism Policy?

This is Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab photographed during a school trip to England in 2002 from his native Nigeria.

He is the man whose attempt to blow up an American plane was averted only by luck and courage.

His actions will cause more misery to those who require to travel by air. Longer security queues; the use of laptops is going to be forbidden; no passenger will be able to visit toilets within an hour of landing - we can be sure the list will be lengthened.

This man was on the security lists of the US and the UK. His father, just a few weeks ago, alerted officials about his 'radicalisation'.

Back in the 90s France called Britain 'Londonistan' as they watched this country become the central hub of Islamic terrorism in Europe. Nothing has changed. We have a government which is obsessed with multiculturalism and 'human rights'.

Melanie Phillips tells it as it is. Definitely an article we should all read.

Another site worth reading which discusses military strategy and terrorist threats is here.


JPT said...

Great stuff by Melanie Phillips - I heve linked to it also.

subrosa said...

Well done John. Her assessment is exactly mine and she does hold some respect within the 'elite'. Will they listen? I doubt it but she socked it to them and I admire that.

scunnert said...

Phillips' piece was pretty good except that she buys the idea of a moderate Islam. This is akin to accepting the idea of moderate nazism.

Strathturret said...

I think she's odious.

Can you see where this is going. Next war will be against Yemen; rooting out 'terrorists'. More Uk soldiers being killed by 'insurgents'. Then we'll move on somewhere else. George Orwell was very right. A never ending war is what the USA wants and we're tagging along dutifully.

If we got out of Iraq/Afghanistan we'd have a lot less bother with these misguided radicalised young men.

Cruachan said...

In amongst all the details and speculation coming out of this foiled attack, I was amazed to learn that the famous "watchlist" of US intelligence services is over 500,000 people. Even if that number is wrong by a factor of 10 in terms of "real" threats (as opposed to people who once shouted "down with Bush", how can the intelligence services possibly keep a track on this number?

I am no apologist for terrorism, but is this just another example of how we are encouraged into a state of perpetual fear and loathing of the "other" with the related US/UK never-ending war on terrorism?

subrosa said...

Hi scunnert, I support the 'moderate' muslim idea too but, because of their lack of support for the British way of life, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm right.

subrosa said...

I don't usually agree with her Strathturret but I do on this.

Yes, as soon as Yemen was uttered, I immediately thought Yemen=military=another war.

War makes a fortunes for countries the likes of the UK and US but you knew that didn't you.

subrosa said...

Yes it's never-ending now Cruachan. The warmongers have the taste of blood on their hands and it doesn't trouble them one bit. So it will continue and become far bigger than the Vietnam disaster.

cynicalHighlander said...

I don't know if you rememeber when Bush and Blair had a press statement on the eve of the Iraq war where Bush went in under the Christian flag and I thought at the time "what a numpty" and we are reaping those benefits. Only when these two are in the dock will any chance of peace return.

I'm going to book my ticket to the moon as it will be far more hospitable.

subrosa said...

I do remember that CH. We'll reap them for generations to come too, I've said that from the beginning.

banned said...

Why have Alkidooda seemingly changed tactics from using multiple-perp mass co-ordinated successful spectaculars to hiring single mentally challenged who fail in minor actions? Shoe bomber Reid, the Exeter ladies loo self harmer and now this idiot who is said to have burned his privates off?

My own view is that they are the work of renegade or X-CIA types like in the movies.

subrosa said...

You may well be on the right track there banned. I think they accept anyone who is easily brainwashed.

Strathturret said...

I lived for a couple of years in a country with a highish Muslim population. Demonising adherents of Islam is daft.

I could go along to Ibrox/Celtic parks and made a convincing case against Christianity. Or open my history books....

I'll tell you something if I was living in a Muslim country and a foreign power blew up my family or friends with a drone or smart bomb or whatever, then I'd be supporting hitting them back.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Hi Rosa - I've very little time for any religion.

For a time it was a useful tool in the development of human conscience but since the enlightenment when the 'con' was taken over by the 'science' it is slowly slipping into the depths of its own ridicule.

Ignorance, they say, is bliss and the young are often led by the simplicity of the obvious.

But equally ignorance can often be disguised as knowledge and spoon fed to the 'sophisticated' in a manner that suits the hand holding the spoon.

Knowing who the real enemy is in the maelstrom of cause and effect is half the battle.

Billy said...

Not notice the pattern Subrosa? Every public holiday now we have a near miss bombing by an incompetent "terrorist.

If you have watched the videos by Dr Judy Wood and Dr Morgan Reynolds then you will know that there were NO terrorists at 911. These people are suing the US government for putting out lies with regard to 911 and Dr Judy Wood is now also suing two Direct Energy Weapons companies for their involvement in this.

The same goes for the London Bombings there were NO terrorists. This is precisely the reaction the US and UK governments want by supposed "terrorists" like this guy, either that or they are behind this as well.

Everyone has to learn the truth about what happened re 911 and 7/7 and get the message out to everyone to put a stop to these games by our govenments and the people who stand to make their fortune out of it.

Excellent videos by these good Drs and others regarding the truth of these event at www.paisleyexpressions.blogspot.com I can even supply these DVDs FOC which contain the documentation relating to the court cases and other information to anyone who wants them Subrosa.

Strathturret said...

Craig Murray makes a lot of sense on this story.


subrosa said...

Like Crinkly, I've little time for religion Strathturret but I do find it seems to cause more fanatics these days, especially Islam.

Maybe it's just that I'm more aware because people are more mobile.

subrosa said...

But who is the enemy Crinkly? This government we have today refuses to recognise an enemies within this country.

subrosa said...

Funny you should say that Billy, I was just reading something saying exactly that about a month ago.

Billy, I'll come and get the links for the doctors videos. Thanks for the information, much appreciated.

subrosa said...

Strathturrent, I'm off to read Craig's article. Had a busy day today with a lengthy hospital visit, so kind of behind a bit with blog reading but I'll do it now.

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