Saturday, 19 December 2009

Melrose Sevens 2010 Charity

Have I ever told you I'm a rugby fan? I confess to having enjoyed rugby since a teenager. Can't quite remember why I converted from supporting Dundee United FC to supporting Melrose RFC but maybe it was something to do with leaving Dundee and moving to live in the borders, plus a pal of mine fancied the boots off one of the Melrose players and dragged me along for company. Well it would have looked a bit odd a teenage lassie standing alone on the sidelines. In fact, if I remember, there were people from all age groups who attended the matches so we were never particularly conspicuous.

Cheering news for me today. Melrose are to turn their annual sevens tournament into a celebration of the Armed Forces next year in tribute to the efforts of Scottish soldiers around the world.

After talks with army representatives in Scotland they have reached agreement that the 2010 event will have a strong Forces theme. The British Army sevens team, which competes in the Middlesex Sevens at Twickenham and features a host of Fijians based in Edinburgh, will be a guest side, along with Italians Milano and the Hamilton club from Cape Town in South Africa, which continues the borders club's links with the Republic alongside the returning 2009 winners, Johannesburg University.

Launching 2010 ticket sales Mike Dalgetty, Melrose RFC President said, "There has obviously been a lot of media attention given to what is going on in Afghanistan and a realisation for more and more people I think of just how much these soldiers are putting on the line in the name of serving this country."


Catosays said...

Ooooh, you lucky girl... The of my favourite bits of Scotland...after Rannoch Moor and Corrour.

subrosa said...

Cato, it's a long time since I lived in the borders - nearly a few life times ago.

Rannoch Moor? That's not too far from me but I find it a desolate place. Lord Monckton lives there, well at Kinloch Rannoch, the only civilised bit of the moor.

Corrour is slightly too 'managed' for my liking but it's beautiful right enough - so is much of Scotland.

Jim said...

Hope to see you at the 7's then!

The Last Of The Few said...

TLOTF is preping a team of errrr Older gents who will prove that youth and fitness is no match for age trechery and cheating

subrosa said...

Jim, I'll do my very best to attend one.

subrosa said...

Gents LotF? Gents? lol The rest of your comment is accurate though. :)

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