Friday, 11 December 2009

The Labour Scottish Mafia?

Jimmy and Darling Seem To Not Think Scotland Worth The Same Tax and Spend As Elsewhere.

They look about to burn it!!

The UK Government had previously agreed to this measure and the Scottish Government had been able to put in place a programme to support 15 000 jobs. Despite a £9.5bn boost to Treasury coffers from Scottish Oil, the UK Government are denying the Scottish economy this vital support.

Strange how "investment" is supposed to be the mantra for down here but not in Scotland.


Anonymous said...

Genuine question: do you reckon the UK gov are simply loath to give an SNP administration any more 'help' in the shape of money...?

(That photo makes them look like they've just been signed up as the new Scotland football team manager and coach. It can only go well lol.)

subrosa said...

I'll leave OldRightie to answer that politic, after all it is his post.

No I won't! Westminster will do anything and I mean anything to ensure the SNP government are kept under control.

Oldrightie said...

Control is their raison d'etre for us all!

Apogee said...

My first thought was ....... then I looked at the caption under the photo and saw you beat me to it! Nice one!!

Nulabour seem to have moved into full wrecking mode, they dont even care how it appears to the electorate.

Nulabour, just noticed how close the name is to Nullabore, a barren desert in Australia, seems appropriate somehow.


Clarinda said...

The Knuckle Brothers demonstrating their catch-phrase "to me, to you" in their attempt to rip apart the Scottish Saltire for once and all.

subrosa said...

They just don't like our national flag do they Clarinda?

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