Thursday, 17 December 2009

FMQs 17 December 2009

Who would have thought Iain Gray's questions this week would be concerning bloggers, in a week when Scotland biggest airline collapsed leaving thousands stranded or unable to visit friends/family over Christmas and when in Copenhagen the news isn't particularly positive, even after Alex Salmond's visit. Iain Gray's attack on independence supporting bloggers was to be expected. After all, the Herald this morning states '...has the effect of injecting accountability into the blogosphere, it will be of benefit of all who value truth over political expediency.' How many politicians are guided by expediency rather than principle?

Annabelle Goldie questioned the waiting times at Stracathro Hospital now that it had returned to NHS control. I've experienced the excellent care at Stracathro and even I could have told her the private organisation withdrew from their contract and that is the reason it was returned to NHS control, not vice versa. It's not a hospital which is used by all because of the access. Although buses run regularly from Brechin, Forfar and Dundee, Stracathro is what is commonly referred to as 'in the middle of nowhere' and I suspect the majority of patients attending clinics or for surgery would have their own transport. The FM refused Ms Goldie's criticism that waiting times at the hospital had increased.

Tavish Scott centred on the NHS too, but the top salary earners and their bonuses. He wished to know if the First Minister intended to cut bonuses given to senior consultants. Alex Salmond's response was short and snappy. The last labour/libdem administration had initiated these contracts and Mr Scott partook in their design. The First Minister suggested he would be willing to look at the issue in due course.

There was little, if any, Christmas spirit in the chamber today and the level of debate was pedestrian.

I wish each and every MSP a Happy Christmas and a Guid New Year.


Dubbieside said...


I was particularly struck by Scotts choice of words.

He he highlighted the bonuses in the NHS PAID (my capitols) by the SNP health Secretary.

I think that this was a deliberate attempt to mislead people. Of course they were paid by the Health Secretary, but the vast majority were put in place by the last Labour/Lib Dem administration.

Dramfineday said...

The FM should hold an enquiry into the blogsphere and ensure that all parties are THROUGHLY examined to ensure that there are no more smear merchants. And while he's at it, he should extend it to the press. The Herald contained a fine example of a smear today with it's article on Mike Russell.

Anonymous said...

Iain Gray is just a bloody embarrassment and Tavish is just a nonentity.

What a parcel.

The people of Scotland deserve better.

subrosa said...

Auch Dubbie, you've got to sympathise with Tavish. He walks right into it most weeks but I'm sure he means well.

subrosa said...

I've no idea how he could do that Dram. Would that include English/Welsh/Irish blogs too?

subrosa said...

Indeed we do deserve better Bugger. Old people not heating their homes because they're too frightened of the bills, jobs being lost because of Gordon Brown's mishandling of the economy and Gray worries about bloggers. Not only that the Herald are on about political expediency against truth. How about that for double standards.

Dramfineday said...

No need SR, the threat of a purge to Govt (local / national) owned computers and a demand that party owned / shared or party officials private computers be scanned (in the interest of fairness and a level playing field - you understand) would be enough to get a few rear ends twitching.

subrosa said...

Ah Dram, I never thought of it from that angle, being a non-technical person.

Now I know why there aren't any controversial labour blogs these days. They're all the same and spout the party line.

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