Thursday, 17 December 2009

Another Consultation on the Future of Perth City Hall

For some years now the future of Perth City Hall (above) has been a thorn in the side of councillors and residents alike. A multi-million pound proposal to create an upmarket shopping centre within the Edwardian landmark - approved in 2005 - floundered in the summer after the private firm Wharfside failed to deliver the scheme. The building has been lying empty for years.

A public consultation exercise is to be launched, but many elected members yesterday used the platform of a full council meeting to express their opinions.

The consensus would appear to be demolition and the creation of a city square. Behind the Hall you can just see the spire of St John's Kirk, a building with a long and fascinating history.

St John's Kirk (Town Hall is right behind)

Perth doesn't have a 'centre' as such and this would be the ideal spot for an open space where shoppers can relax, visitors take the weight off their feet and the Kirk be given pride of place as it was centuries ago.

I vote for demolition asap!


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