Saturday, 21 November 2009

Subrosa's Super Seven blogs

Always win when you're singing - A fisking of labour schmaltz

Bill's Comment Page - Wardog now an "ex-blog"

Charlotte Gore - The End of the Free Internet in Britain?

Eamonn Butler - East Coast nationalised

Heresy Corner - Bloggers Repel Boarders

Independent Network - The Bell Principles

Political Scot - Tie Wars and the Bain of the SNP's week

A dram of malt to:

Chef Sandwich - Chefs and Restaurant Inspectors

Ian Burrell - PCC to regulate UK bloggers?

Last of the Few - Sky TV ... Dedicated Scottish Channel


The Last Of The Few said...

* bows with gratitude *

subrosa said...

T'was a little light relief in a serious week LotF.

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