Saturday, 21 November 2009

Scottish Politician of the Year

John Swinney, the Scottish Finance Secretary, has been voted Scottish Politician of the Year at the 11th annual Herald Scottish Politician of the Year awards.

Seeing off his challengers, Nicola Sturgeon (Health Secretary) and Kenny MacAskill (Justice Secretary), Mr Swinney was praised by judges for his handling of the economic crisis.

Not only did he take top prize but he also received the Donald Dewar Debater of the Year award, sponsored by eaga.

Donald Martin, the Herald's heid bummer (editor in chief) said: "John Swinney has handled a very difficult brief in the teeth of the recession really well and thoroughly deserved to be named Scotland's Politician of the Year."

Congratulations John, very well deserved.

The new award for Political Contribution was won by SNP minister for Parliamentary Business Bruce Crawford, the backroom fixer who has helped a minority Government not just survive but flourish.


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

And we mustn't forget Best Scot at Westminster our own Jim Murphy 'who has been tireless in taking the fight to the SNP'

Montague Burton said...

Is that his official title Nikos? It's quite hard to work out what the fucker does for a living.

subrosa said...

Why mustn't we forget Niko? I did.

subrosa said...

He shoves folk around Monty.

Oldrightie said...

Who's Jim Murphy?

subrosa said...

He's a bloke who thinks he speaks for Scotland OR but he works in London. Pushy type.

CrazyDaisy said...


This is about J Swinney - Niko better get used to the fact that the SNP win awards - and if he doesn't = see Juan Kerr's website - I will find you and enjoy coffee for 3.


Fact is Niko I can and will find you - thanks to Labour....

I predict a riot

Saor Alba


subrosa said...

I think I'll have a riot tomorrow CD. The rain should have stopped by then.

Dramfineday said...

This is just me, OK? But tell me, why accept an award from a crowd, not one of which usually has a good word, or even level playing field to offer the SNP?

Papaers that accept labour party press releases as gospel are supine in the extreme - and John Swinney takes an award from them?

Urinating and fires spring to mind.

Relax. it's just me SR.... being gittish again.

subrosa said...

Naw you're not being gittish Dram. Politics is a strange game, I couldn't handle the two-faced backstabbing which seems par for the course.

Problem is I suppose, if you want to be a politician then you have to tolerate it.

I think John Swinney does a superb job of balancing - he'll know exactly who his enemies are.

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