Monday, 16 November 2009

If Anyone Can Salmond Can

It's not often these days I read the Scotsman in detail, mainly because I have no enthusiasm for labour press releases, but this story is interesting: 'Salmond fights to restore faith in banking'.

During FMQs recently Alex Salmond (Scotland's First Minister) was chided for not paying enough attention to Scotland's financial sector. The writer of the article clearly doesn't watch FMQs or he would know Mr Salmond was accused of going to receptions not parties. There is a difference. For the benefit of David Maddox here's my definition of both occasions; the former is usually a business gathering whilst the latter is a get together with friends. In case that's not clear enough I'll explain it on a personal level - I wear court shoes to receptions and stilettos to parties.

Back to the story. Alex Salmond is at Euro Finance Week in Frankfurt, talking with European leaders and other financiers about the benefits of Scotland as a financial base. He will have meetings with the president of the European Central Bank, the chairman of Deutsche Bank and the prime minister of Luxemburg.

He will also be a keynote speaker in the panel session 'restructuring the global financial architecture' alongside Dr Jurgen Stark of the European Central Bank, Professor K C Chan, secretary for financial services and the treasury of the Hong Kong special administrative region.

This is a well organised trip which has been scheduled for several months.

Meanwhile, back in the MSP unionist camp he's warmly applauded for his efforts on behalf of Scotland:

Labour: Labour's finance spokesman, Andy Kerr, said: "Obviously we welcome Mr Salmond's efforts, but it is a pity he has taken so long to realise he has got a job to do here in supporting Scottish banks and Scotland's interests."

Libdems: Liberal Democrat finance spokesman Jeremy Purvis said: "Mr Salmond has palpably failed to outline a vision of what type of banking and what competitive environment is best suited for the devolved Scottish economy.

"Yet again he will be parading soundbites abroad with there being absolutely no direction from his government back home about what type of industry the Scottish economy requires."

CBI: CBI Scotland director Iain McMillan raised concerns that the trip might end up being focused on independence and not Scotland's needs.

What we do hope is that he does not go over there to talk about the National Conversation and independence, which he has done on other foreign trips, and which don't help Scotland at all."

If anyone can ensure that Scotland recovers her reputation as a financial centre of excellence, after the clumsy way in which Gordon Brown handled the banking crisis, Alex can and the unionists know there's not one amongst them who could do the job.

Gawn yersel' Alex! (loosely translated as 'sock it to them')


Angry Old Man said...

As a Unionist I wish Salmond well in his efforts to save and restore faith in Banking.
You are probably correct in your assumption that their is nobody in the Unionist camp who could do the job.
I would however have been a bit more cautious about putting to much praise Salmonds way before I had seen the goods so to speak.
He is generally full of hot air.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

I would find it easier to believe Alex was seen walking on water.

subrosa said...

I disagree Angry Old Man. Salmond works the room, gives his talk then acts on his words.

How many PM's have there been like that in the last 10 years? All U-turners who ignore public advice and pay lip service to us.

subrosa said...

So you think Iain Gray would put a convincing case Niko?

I can see you haven't taken my advice and had your bumps read.

Jeanne Tomlin said...

Haha, Niko doesn't watch the FMQs if he wants to send the embarrassing Iain Gray anywhere. Oh, dearie me. They do let Murphy out of the cage occasionally only to have him embarrass himself. (Notice how his trip to the Vatican suddenly disappeared from coverage? Anyone wonder why?)

Yes, I do watch the FMQ pretty frequently. They're good entertainment value as Salmond wipes the floor with what passes for opposition at Holyrood. He really needs someone who will actually make him work for it.

subrosa said...

Jeanne, from your 'outside' view it's good to hear you remind us of the disappearance of Murphy's Vatican appearance. I've just googled it and found nothing. Well done London labour.

Glad you manage to view FMQs. It presently is very much the Alex Salmond Show which in many ways is bad for Scotland as you say.

Problem is Jeanne, there's nobody in the opposition who would be capable of taking Alex Salmond on. Sadly there are few in Westminster who would be better.

Can you visualise an Alex Salmond and Jim Murphy FMQs?

Conan the Librarian™ said...

I've actually nicked this wholsale Rosa.
Wv "upperses" best one yet.

subrosa said...

Aye, great Wv that one Conan. ;)

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