Monday, 2 November 2009

Glasgow NE By-Election

Just recently we had this photograph (above) of Willie Bain, the labour candidate for the Glasgow NE By-Election. Maybe Mr Bain doesn't realise his photocalls don't show him as being a quite erm... mature enough to be an MP.

Who is Willie Bain's PR photographer? Do they vote for another party or do they dislike him? There must be a reason because this photograph (below) appeared this weekend. There was no caption but I immediately thought of one. "Balls R Us."

I could be beginning to develop a tiny bit of sympathy, (just a tiny bit mind you), for the labour candidate because I haven't seen a sensible photograph of him yet.


Apogee said...

Looking at the top photo, It looks like three supporters on their way to a football match depicted in the second photo. They dont look like their team has much chance of a win though.


Jim Baxter said...

Either that's a very fast camera that took the bottom photo or he's levitating that ball by his mystical powers. That would explain the intense yet beatific look, commonly seen on the face of a small child producing something praiseworthy at the right time and in the right receptacle for once.

Maybe the force is with him. In which case the caption should be:

'Size matters not. Judge me by my size do you?'

Clarinda said...

To be honest he's slightly better being sandwiched between 'Smiffy' and 'Plug' in the first photo rather than posing in a distracting manner for a Spot the Ball Competition?

subrosa said...

Unfortunately I think they will win Apogee. All these extra postal votes at the last minute and additions to the electoral roll? Ahem.

subrosa said...

I don't know about the force Jim, but let me say size does matter.

Good to hear from you. :)

Debate is Free said...

I don't feel very sorry for him as he doesn't like answering straight questions :P

subrosa said...

Now that's a much better caption Clarinda. Thanks for upping the quality from my inferior effort.

Apogee said...

Who knows, this time the ref may have his glasses on and red card them!


subrosa said...

Hey Apogee, we're speaking about Glasgow here lol.

Dark Lochnagar said...

He is a baw-faced bastard.

subrosa said...

I never thought about a Glaswegian caption DL. :)

brownlie said...


You cannot reject people on looks alone. If that were the case neither Conan or Niko would have grand-children. On second thoughts having looked at the picture again in comparison with the other two the boy looks quite normal.

subrosa said...

Brownlie, it's nothing to do with looks, my point was the composition of the photographs. Who sets it up?

Looks to me that it's someone who is not too keen on Mr Bain. :)

D'ziet said...

It does look like they are trying to make him look like a wee boy. I agree the composition is off. You rarely see Tom Cruise in an official photo looking that small. Maybe someone needs to get him a wee box to stand on. :)

subrosa said...

It's a shame D'zeit that the chap doesn't have one flattering photo in the papers in recent days. If there has been one, I haven't seen it.

Perhaps it's all part of labour's grand plan? :)

chicmac said...

A couple of candidate though balloon sugeestions for the top picture.

1. "Why ur thae twa strainin' up oan thir taes like 'at?"

2. "Jings! Whaur's ma UN bunnet?"

subrosa said...

Good ones chicmac!

Wilhelm said...

Willie Bain looks like a pinhead freak suffering from Microcephaly, google a photo of it.

You can just tell that he's only got 2 brain cells.

The sad thing for Scotland is, the halfwits in Glasgow will vote for him.

God help Scotland.

subrosa said...

We need all the help we can get Wilhelm.

Wilhelm said...

To be brutaly honest, I think Scotland has had its day, every country has a shelf life, look at Greece, its golden age was 2000 years ago, now they are just a bunch of kebab shop owners.

Scotlands golden age was between 1750 to 1914 with Adam Smith, David Hume, Robert Adam, James Clerk Maxwell, Robert Louis Stevenson, David Livingston, Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Alexander Fleming.

Everyone of those Scots have world standing and they are a credit to the country.

Now look at Scotland in 2009, we've got foul mouthed , pub comedian, celtic fan Billy Connelly, not funny, cheeky chappy Ewen McGregor, halfwitted actor, self indulgent ,narcisstic, egotist Annie Lennox, pop singer,

Irvine Welsh, Mr Potato Head, James Kelman, Andrew O'Hagan, all foul mouthed writers who love wallowing in the poverty of the Gorbal slums and their working class roots, blah blah blah.James McMillian who writes discordant music and drones on about his Irish upbringing.

The London Islington cocktail party set loooves all that garbage.

Then we come to the Glasgow Liebour party Mafia,

Wendy Alexander
Ian Gray
Jack McConnell
Gorbals Mick Martin
Donald Dour, the father of the nation, the only people who call him that is the liebour party. no one else does.
John Reid Mr Potato Head
Shifty Alistair Darling, fipped his house 4 times

Everyone a halfwitted, gormless village idiot.

Jim O' Murphy whos just a spud peeler, a marxist communist in the 1970s , a shitt stirrer and trouble maker. who thought militant labour was too right wing, now he's all for war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

George Robertson, well he's just thick, isnt he ?
Helen Liddell , a screeeeeeching harpy who is now the Viceroy of Australia
Douglas Alexander, little Jimmy Krankie

Brian Wilson , a north British unionist screeeeeming psychopath.
Alan Cochrane of the Telegraph, a self loathing Scot.
Angus McLeod , a Self loathing Scot.

Robin Cook, a garden gnome who cheated on his wife.

Fraser Nelson of the Spectator who has this bizarre Morningside accent where he puts the emphasis on all the wrong syllables, its like listening to Maggie Smith in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie saying '' My gells ''. Its a toff Scotsman trying to talk proper English and fit in but its just ridiculous. Malcolm Rifkind has the same affliction.

The north British Scotsman newspaper
The Herald
The Daliy Retard

Thats the Scottish liebour party with typewriters

Gordon Brown who said to Diane Sawyer of ABC News '' I come from North Britain. '' He couldnt say the word Scotland, what a Judas.

Everyone of those Scots are traitors, they've sold out their country for 30 pieces of silver in other words The westminster trough.

There all marxists, internationalists, multicultural fanatics, atheist, in other words Self loathing Scots.

The English are not the problem its the Glaswegian liebourites.

On the opposite side is Alex Salmond and the SNP who's trying to stick up for Scotland.

Its a David and Goliath contest.

As a Scots patriot which is very unfashionable, a love for ones country, The Facist Left, liebour party hates the very concept, they are after all one worlders.

I despair.

Ps. Sorry for the rant, but its good to get it off ones chest.

Wilhelm said...

Forgot to mentiom Kirsty Squawk of Newsnight infamy.

I loathe, detest and despise that screeceehing liebour, mutton dressed as lamb, harpy.

subrosa said...

I'm sure quite a few of my readers would agree with you Wilhelm. Feel free to rant anytime.

Sophia said...

Wilhelm, i dislike the tone of your post, theres no need to lay into Scottish writers,
You forgot to mention Iain Banks... is that because he breaks the mould and writes decent educated ie non working class fiction? convient not to mention him then eh!

lol but if you were to mention jackie bird... i might be able to agree, she has had enough plastic surgery to be a bad role model on air for yougn scottish women. But thats completely by the by!

but to be honest Subrosa if you have ever met Willie Bain like I have you might understand why the PR photographer has taken such unflattering pictures. He does not come across well and does not really seem to care much and has started acting like he has already won the by election. LOL. but some interesting replies here, nice blog :)

subrosa said...

Auch I wouldn't worry about Willie Sophia, I think I know him of old and he is rather prone to speaking his mind.

I too was disappointed he didn't mention Jackie Bird - the artificially honed and toned BBC clone.

I haven't had the pleasure (is that the right word) of meeting Willie Bain. You're right, he doesn't come across well. He'll fit in fine with the yes men in Westminster - never to be noticed ever again.

Wilhelm said...

Sophie squeeks ''i dislike the tone of your post.''

Im I not allowed to express an opinion then ? just the liebour party manifesto I suppose, like a brain dead zombie. Bit of a facist arent you Sophie, not a lover of free speech ?

''You forgot to mention Iain Banks.''

Thats because he's about as irrelevant as a fruit fly in Siberia, thats why,

Ian Banks constantly writes tedious Taggart style garbage. He's 50 but looks about 12, he should get a haircut.

''but to be honest.''

People who use this expression are usually untrustworthy. If you were honest, you wouldnt have to say it, would you ?

Sophie boasts '' I have met Willie Bain .''

Did he come round at Halloween then ?

You can just tell he's thick, he's not exactly Einstein, is he?

Willie Bain should get a job working at a biscuit factory, thats about his level.

But the halfwits in Springburn wil vote for the halfwit, like votes for like.

And Willie Bain will be forgotton.

Who remembers David Cairns or Wendy Alexander?

Ps. The reason why people rant is because its a sign they are powerlessness to do anything.

Gordon Broon and Alistair Darling dont rant because they have power, yet they have wrecked the country, a trillion in debt.

Are you happy about that Sophie ?

Aurora. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sophia said...

Wilhelm... I really object to being called a facist, not a lover of free speech???
WTF im sorry but just because I voiced an OBJECTION to your tone, it does NOT mean i am a facist!!! I spent a lot of time studying democracy etc and i couldnt be more pro democracy/ free speech if i tried!
At no point did i say dont bother to post your opinoin... so dont you bother to assert that.

and i met willie bain at the sighthill hustings, 6 of the candidates attended. His attitude at this resulted in an about turn in my opinoin. so I dont really see why you are attacking me so much, we are on the same side of the fence when it comes to labour policy.

Sophia said...

sorry Subrosa to have to post such a comment but i got really annoyed by Wilhelms jibes About facism and freedom of speech.

subrosa said...

Willie, of course you can express an opinion.

Dinnae think calling Sophie a facist was a clever idea though because I'm sure it's not true.

Keep ranting. Nothing will change otherwise.

subrosa said...

Sophia, I would object to being called that too and I've mentioned that as you can see.

Hey Sophia, no problem with your comment at all.

Perhaps Willie will respond nicely - you will Willie won't you?

Wilhelm said...

'' I really object to being called a facist, ''

Quite honestly Sophia, I wouldn't worry myself about that."

''WTF ''

People who use this swearing expression usually have a limited vocabulary and cant express themselves, it devalues the culture and it aint ladylike, Sophia.

''I spent a lot of time studying democracy''

What may I ask has that gotta do with the price of fish ?

''so I dont really see why you are attacking me so much''

You attacked me first, you started it, so there .

Look Sophie, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill and think things over.

Ps . In a recent survey Glaswegians are 4 times more likely to swear than English people, doesnt suprise me.

If you put a swear box in the middle of Glasgow, you could pay off the national debt in a week, nah, make that 3 day.

Sophia, how old are you ?

I reckon you are 22 year old bairn. am I right ?

subrosa said...

Ps . In a recent survey Glaswegians are 4 times more likely to swear than English people, doesnt suprise me.

Willie, you do talk drivel at times. :)

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