Monday, 2 November 2009

Changing Tune (or should that be Tone)

It's a far cry from nearly two years ago, when it was reported that Tony Blair had been holding discussions with some of his best mates about the prestigious new job as President of Europe, to this.

Seems like Mr Blair already has his 'damage limitation plans' in place and he will insist he never mounted a campaign to become the European Union's first full-time president.

Blair's former chief-of-staff in No 10, Jonathan Powell, was sent to test the support in Europe and to covertly lobby Mr Blair's name to be among the leading contenders, but he came back disappointed.

The news from Brussels is that a centre-right candidate from one of the smaller EU member states will be given the presidency to ensure it becomes a ceremonial position rather than a high profile position capable of influencing policy.

A summit is being organised by the EU for mid-November when the name of the new president is expected to be announced. Any excuse for a jamboree at our expense.

I wonder if Tony will attend. It hasn't been a good week for him after all. Firstly Tesco didn't want him and now the EU have unceremoniously shoved him aside. These rejections aren't going to do much for his property portfolio are they?


polaris said...

Wolfgang Schüssel, is the guy, Merkel will back him.

subrosa said...

Strange you should say that Polaris, I was told that just a couple of weeks ago by a German friend. Thanks.

Apogee said...

I've watched this saga both with bemusement and amusement.
This would have to be a very cynical push for a job ,seemingly with the idea that if El Tone doesn't win, Millipede will get,what was it? foreign minister as a consolation prize! And Brown apparantly making a hash of lobbying for Blair!
It seemed so inept as to be embarrassing , to the extent of me thinking; what else is happening that we are missing?, or is it another case of the emperor's clothes, or lack of!

Still, dont think he'll starve!!


subrosa said...

There's a lot we're missing Apogee I'm quite sure, aren't you?

The thought of that gangling loon Miliband in such a senior position unnerves me. He's the politician who spent over £7,000 on public speaking lessons just over a year ago.

His whole demeanor is childish and his body language smug.

I'll stop the rant now.

banned said...

"a centre-right candidate from one of the smaller EU member states will be given the presidency"

Would have been nice if they had consulted us, the little people.
Democracy and all that.

subrosa said...

Democracy's now a dirty word banned.

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