Thursday, 12 November 2009

For Glasgow NE Floating Voters


guinness said...

I suppose a lot of voters are feeling disenfranchised. Wanting Independence outside of Europe.

O/T have you had a look at the BBC expenses files yet subrosa ? It makes our troughminsters look like amateurs.
I had a look at random at one of the "top 100" ,Alan Yentob.
He does art creation or something and is paid about £200K a year.
Among his expenses were a £3,400 return flight to New York and £500 a month on taxis.

More here...

Oldrightie said...

Glasgow is in Alan Johnston's post bag. One he kept from way back in case it came in useful. If there appears doubt as to a resounding Labour landslide he'll pour thousands of "just found" papers on the table. Meanwhile his mates will be nicking registers, whilst no one is looking. The UK's Provincial population will say in unison "So what?"

Dramfineday said...

You shouldn't do that SR ( well not to me anyway) as it's just too much. When I look at the mortgage my son had to take out to get a house ( employed, single and male - council property - nae chance. And when I think of the counseling I had to arrange for people who worked for me that were in deep dodo because of credit cards. Then I witness the fawning idolation of the banks and money and the complete disregard for debt and the future. Rapidly followed by the troughing our "honourable" members were at. I could greet! How anyone could vote for this bunch of tumshies is well beyond me. They've filled their boots while our families and friends are condemmed to a life of financial slavery.

Dramfineday said...
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Dramfineday said...

PS Here in a somewhat gloomy capital I notice that the economics of the madhouse is up and running again. Last year, in the local estate agencies, houses for sale were mostly all fixed price. I see they've reverted back to offers over - does nobody learn anything or give a, F orisnstance?

subrosa said...

I hadn't looked at the expenses guinness but I'd listened to Radio5Live at lunchtime and heard some woman substantiating £thousands being spent on celebrating a successful series of The Apprentice.

subrosa said...

I was talking to someone earlier OR and really this loophole of postal votes needs to be tightened. Surely labour can't continue to get away with it.

subrosa said...

So true Dram, but you see, I don't think people realise yet that labour aren't the party they appeared to be years ago. Remember 'the workers' party'?

subrosa said...

Nope, the more money the better is the motto. I must admit I'd put my place on for oo, purely because there's no where else like it around and therefore to price is is nigh impossible.

That's what I get for living in the Broons but 'n' ben. :)

Ronnie. said...

It`s high time people reverted to living in houses as opposed to financial investments.
The greed of the homeowner is reflected on people like myself, struggling to pay rent.
What am I meant to think when someone`s house is worth £10k less than it was a year ago? Has the roof caved in? Is there a plague of rats in the cellar? No and NO.
It`s a place to stay. Get a life.

subrosa said...

Oh dear Ronnie, something I said?

After having worked nearly 60 years and having gone through the usual problems of redundancy, two or three jobs etc., it was my choice to buy a home.

You call me greedy for doing that? Then I think you have a problem. Because you see, people like me pay full council tax therefore subsidising people unable to pay. We claim nothing from the state and pay tax on our pensions.

The selling price of my home is immaterial to me. I hope to die here.

Ronnie. said...

Enjoyed your answer, but I don`t know why you think you are subsidising me.
Don`t think that all people who live in rented accomodation are social parasites. I, too,pay full council tax but I fail to see how I`m subsidising anyone.
It is , however a lot of money to have my rubbish collected!

subrosa said...

Ronnie did I say I was subsidising you? No.

Of course those who pay full council tax are subsidising those who can't afford to pay the full amount.

Why do you think it costs so much for rubbish collections (which here are now fortnightly so savings there I suppose, street lighting and cleaning (on rare occasions).

Did I say people who live in rented housing are parasites? No.

Are you saying that everyone should live in rented housing because you sure have a problem about anyone who owns their home.

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