Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Depleted Labour Benches

There was a scarcity of labour MPs on the green benches when Black Rod presented his traditional request at the State Opening of Parliament this morning. As the BBC commentator said some were outside the chamber because they wanted to be in the front of the procession, but isn't it traditional that all MPs are 'present in the Chamber' for this event?

It would appear now only are labour MPs and their leader ignoring public opinion but also centuries of tradition. Jim Murphy was determined he was in the front row though as he elbowed quite a few MPs before he finally managed to squeeze in behind David Cameron.


The Last Of The Few said...

And as for The Queens speech.

I am just so totally apathetic to this whole charade these days.

I know I know with a GE around the bend apathy brings Labour back in.

voterinscotland said...

Could it be that they are in their seats trying to save their skins?

Bugger Lugs said...

Photo op for Murphy.

Is he planning on changing sides?

wv = cheappin

How do you do it SubR?

Anonymous said...

Jim Murphy's actions today were hilarious, what a buffoon, he clearly shoved in-front of Angus Robertson, the SNP Westminister Leaderdespite Jim joining the procession outside the chamber and Nagus Robertson being one of the first in the procession from the chamber.

So much for Jim's veneer of respectability and conciliatory reasonableness.

Jim Murphy is a cunt make no mistake.

subrosa said...

LotF, I put the television on but never really watched it as I had another Christmas to bake and that was far more important. :)

Like you I'm apathetic but we mustn't allow that to be prolonged because there's an election to win.

Until around February I think I'll pick myself up, feather duster myself down and start all over again.

subrosa said...

voterinscotland - indeed that thought crossed my mind. Somehow (although I've no evidence) I think many labour MPs took the day off.

subrosa said...

It's my computer skills wot done it Bugs. You know how expert I am with IT.

subrosa said...

Did you see him Wardog? I was looking for the clip of the empty labour benches because a female commentator mentioned it (I wasn't looking at the TV at the time) and just happened across Murphy shoving his way to the front.

I wouldn't argue with your assessment of him.

Once upon a time an SNP person told me Murphy was very pleasant. I do hope that person has revised their opinion. The man is only for himself.

Wouldn't surprise me if he watches himself on the clip as a past-time in the Scottish Office. He's little else to do.

subrosa said...

I should say Wardog, for those readers who think that Angus Robertson perhaps put himself towards the front of the line, the SNP are designated the seats nearest the door in the Commons so that's why he would have been one of the first out.

Dramfineday said...

was he trying to assasinate yon lass with the sword? Wasn't she blamed for letting Martin down re the police issue?

subrosa said...

No Dram it was the female Sgt At Arms who Martin tried to pin the blame upon.

Dramfineday said...

I've had another look, he's trying to reach Broon to turn on the battery charger!

subrosa said...

Ah Dram, that's a good one!

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