Sunday, 7 June 2009

Our Defenders Deserve Much Better than This

Bob Ainsworth has been promoted to Defence Secretary in Gordon Brown's reshuffle and this morning, on the Politics Show, Charlie Falconer said, "Bob Ainsworth is highly respected by our forces."

I beg to differ.  The military could not be in worse hands.  The man is completely incompetent as Fitaloon's Newnight video shows when Paxman attempts to make him answer a simple question.

Bob Ainsworth is also a liar and his lies cost the lives of our troops.  Fitaloon has another post which details exactly why this man should not even be in charge of a landrover far less thousands of the bravest people in our country.

Richard at EU Referendum summarises the very poorly attended defence debate which took place in the House of Commons on Thursday.  Ainsworth's abilities, or the lack of them, are obvious. It shows further disdain for our forces that 'their' debate was timetabled for a day when it was well known the chamber would be more or less empty.

I know many people have little interest in the day to day business of our troops but I'm sure most notice the vast sums of money being spent on equipment which is completely outdated or inadequate and lives being lost, but we say nothing.  Military families who have lost a loved one, or see the suffering of a loved one's injuries, stoically cope without complaint because they know the civilian public will shrug and say 'they knew what the job was when they joined up.'  If any joined up more than 10 years ago they didn't have a clue they would be involved in fighting wars which had nothing to do with protecting the British people. 

Our military realise politicians use and abuse them solely for their own ends but the troops continue to do their utmost in the name of Queen and country.  Without such dedication none of us would feel as safe as we do but I, for one, feel much less safe today knowing that Bob Ainsworth is now in charge. Watch what happens in the next few weeks - Ainsworth will be out in Afghanistan upsetting the strict army schedules purely for his 'I am in charge' photocall instead of ensuring basic equipment is made and transported immediately. Sickening. 


Fitaloon said...

Can't say much more than you have already said about "Simple Bob". This man must be the largest plook on the face of Gordon's Cabinet (apart from Gordon himself). The IoS awarded him the title of Luckiest accidental promotion. Just about says it all apart from the fact he is, like his boss, a lying bastard.

Fitaloon said...

I forgot Arrse obviously thinks a lot of him. An example of the ones that are printable Short of bringing back TCH I can't think of a more unpopular choice. I'd rather have Dennis Skinner

Vronsky said...

Ainsworth is a blundering, semi-articulate buffoon and obviously a congenital liar. An absolutely excellent choice for the job, by NuLab standards. So I really don't know why you have to be so negative, sr.

But don't you wish it could be like a Rambo movie, where the hero's last act is to come back from foreign wars and shoot the guy who sent him?

subrosa said...

fitaloon, it's you I have to thank for this post. You motivated me. It scares me that the life of anyone could be in his hands.

subrosa said...

Oh Vronsky, just don't tempt me about being negative. I haven't really started on the man yet but that will come. Congratulate me on my restraint.

What an admission to say I've never watched a Rambo movie but it's true. I'd love it if that were to happen, there are few 'politicians' I detest as much as this man.

wisnaeme said...

Ah'm thinking you'll all have to join the queue behind me come reckoning time.

Me first, if you please. Ah've got priorty.

Besides ah have first hand knowledge of the cretin's way of operating and ah really do have unfinished beezness to attend to with himself..Not that ah would transgress the boundaries of legality, you'll understand.Just mibee bend them a little, like yon cretin and Westmidden does.


subrosa said...

As long as you let me come second Tom I won't mind.

Key bored warrior. said...

Rosie yet another kick in the goolies for the Forces. Their is no depth to which these self serving morally bankrupt crooks will not sink, they prove that again and again. I am no Tory, but at least they tried to look after the forces.

I was enraged by the D Day celebrations and the way the odius dwarf Sarkosy cynically used it as a platform for his small mans ego to ingratiate himself with Obama. Browns twitching nose picking ear scratching distracted disinterested demeanour was just pure disrespect and treacherous. His renaming of Omaha beach as Obama beach, marks him as the deluded clown he always was. He looked like the demented demagogue that he is, what a disgrace, and he will cling to power as he knows he will never be lected. Whats the betting he will show up in Afghanistan any day soon again to try and bloster his vile regime. If I were there I would probably end up in Colchester for spitting on him.

For the Queen not to be there was shocking. For the Frogs to portray this as a Franco American celebration was a travesty. WHICH BEACH DID THE FROGS LAND ON.

The VICHY are alive and well, on both sides of the Channel.

subrosa said...

KBW, you're not the first to mention the Vichy. The whole occasion was overtaken by politicians who made a hash of it.

If our veteran associations had any sense they would ensure in future than politicians weren't invited. These occasions are for them and their fallen comrades so keep politicians out.

The French thing was just to promote Sarkozy's standing and he failed miserably.

wisnaeme said...

Key Board Warrior.

I wouldn't recomment Colchester. ah wouldn't. Some right hard son of a bitches in yon place a while back.

...and that just the MP's.

Did you know they had a variation on Sean Connery's hill in that place? Other folk called it a


subrosa said...

Ah Tom, it's many years ago since I visited Colchester. What a miserable place it was too.

I've yet to meet an MP who wasn't just what you say, they all appeared like thugs to me in those days. Has it changed?

wisnaeme said...

Dunno Subrosa. It's many years since I saw the inside of the 'glasshoose'. I was only playing at being a sodyer onyways.
I was wan o them part timers until the Ruperts told me my services were nae longer required ...or wurds tae yon effect.

Aye, ah was familiar with Warminster, Devises and the 'plains' for a short while.

Ah preferred the Elan valley and Breckon myself.

subrosa said...

Dinnae mention the Brecons tae me Tom. Back in a former life I was daft enough tae serve tea and bacon rolls tae the lads half way up them. Dinnae think onybidy wid be stoopid tae dae that the day.

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