Friday, 1 May 2009

The Voice of Delusion

In some ways this is a sad video which was part of Channel 4 news last evening, but it does show Gordon Brown is living in another world as he doesn't appear able to remember what he says from one day to the next, even although it is on video.  

The people of this island ought to be very concerned this man is the head of the UK government.  I don't think the country is at all safe in his hands and even more so since watching this performance.  Have a look if you didn't see the original programme and make up your own mind.  Credit must be given to the interviewer who had the difficult task of not continually calling Gordon Brown a liar.

With thanks to Faux Cu for sending me the link.


Merkin said...

I originally wrote that as a bit of tongue-in-cheek.

However, many is the true word.....etc.

subrosa said...

Oh Merkin very true. You opinion is the same as many - I'm sure you know that.

Isn't this performance weird? It gave me a feeling as if I was listening to someone from another planet - bit like the 'Haunted' TV series watched by someone here (not me I hasten to add).

Fitaloon said...

He has just totally lost it...
.. but what can we do?

subrosa said...

I really don't know Fitaloon but I wondered if Cameron couldn't call a vote of confidence. I'm certainly worried that this man in going to be in charge of this island until a general election. Are labour desperate to see people out on the streets? Seems like it.

Merkin said...

SubRosa, I saw an article about Turkey in the Graun yesterday about schools where 'chess' is on the curriculum from the age of four.

I loved that, being a chess player.

As a teacher, albeit in a different area, I have problems with the idea of a list of things we HAVE to learn.

I lived in Poland for a long time where 'visits to Birkinau' are de rigeur for the pupils.

Hasn't stopped the racial probs in that country.

In other words, don't know the answer to that one.

I can say that, in recent years, in Poland, it has become fashionable to claim ancestry from the un-happy campers, for what is worth.

As an aside, when I was young i spent a lot of time in Dundee.

My father had two particular friends.
One was a Polish refugee.
One other was a Polish refugee who had been co-opted into the German Army and fought at Stalingrad.

Bill used to say 'I am a barber, why did they want me in the army'.

They would all have loved to tell their story on the net.

We should while we can.

subrosa said...

Lovely comment Merkin. In my first job my boss was Polish and posibly the hardest working person I've met in my life. He had been a prisoner of war in the borders, married a local lass after the war then worked his way up the business ladder.

I didn't realise visits to Auschwitz were compulsory for Polish students. I don't approve of schoolchildren visiting the place. So much so that I nearly resigned from my FP association because they were partly funding these visits. Thankfully they've now stopped. I've yet to meet any pupil of my old school who gained from the experience and most found it far too emotional to benefit.

Yes the Polish story should be told and it has been in a quiet way. There's been a Polish society in Perth for many years plus they have their own section in the cemetery. As a race the older generation fit in very quietly with the local community and are excellent company.

I think bridge ought to be taught in primary schools not chess :)

Vronsky said...

I'd always viewed the stuff about Brown being barking as just routine invective from the right - people like Guido. Then I heard his TV interview (before the crunch) in which he just kept repeating, over and over, in response to every question: 'I am committed to leading the country through these difficult times'. It was very, very spooky, reminding me of the Stepford Wives - that bit where the heroine stabs one of her friends, who then just bumps around her kitchen repeating the same phrase over and over like a stuck record.

There is something terribly far wrong with Brown, but the other startling reflection is that New Labour seem more or less satisfied that he's the best person to lead them into the next election. What on earth does that say about the others?

The game to teach kids in school is Go. So bloody complicated it will keep them out of trouble until they're married.

CrazyDaisy said...


Weirder by the day, my Didie is Polish, hardest working man in the family and his story is partially told and interestingly tragic as it is romantic - he met my Grannie while recovering in Scotland after having a fight with an anti personnel mine.

My eldest learnt chess at school, he learns cards from his English Nan!

What they need to learn in school is the value of money and how feckin hard it is to earn enough to live on!

Have a beautiful day,


subrosa said...

Vronsky the first time I wondered about Brown was, of you remember when Blair announced the Iraq war, Brown 'disappeared' for days and refused to be interviewed. Then I thought what strange behaviour as he should support his pal the PM.

I'll have a look at Go.

subrosa said...

Indeed CD, good morning to you. But the government don't do that CD, don't they actually pay children to stay on at school?

CrazyDaisy said...

Yes, can you imagine it? I worked in RS McColls to fund my mis-spent youth!

My lad will be oot working as soon as he can get a saturday job or a paper roon! Mind you it's nae the same as hame.


Myopic Pete said...

Definitely either on another planet, suffering from sleep deprivation or dosed up to the eyeball on drugs (probably all three).

Most telling quote when confronted with the Tory charge of incompetence near the end of the interview

"I don't know what your talking about"

then went on about how much his government was doing while looking down at the floor never looking the interviewer in the eye, the classic tell of a liar.

He acted just as strange when being interviewed by Nick Robinson on the BBC.

He should be sectioned, let alone running this country.

subrosa said...

A Wullie Low's Saturday job it was for me CD. Exhausting but fun and I still had the energy to go dancing at night.

subrosa said...

Morning Pete, you know I sent that video to a friend (who has no interest in politics other than at election times). She phoned me last night and asked me if I realised Brown was 'on' something. Being a retired medic I took her comment seriously and looked at it again. You're right Pete, maybe it was just Pro-Plus.

Henry North London said...

Im going to hat tip you and use the video if I may

The more people who see it the better

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

The man is definitely mad and I mean really so not insultingly so.

His performance in the ch 4 interview, when taken with the YouTube (how appropriate) Vid really says it all.

He has deluded himself and programmed himself to repeat a mantra in the mistaken belief that if he lies enough it will become the trouth. Either that he really belives what he is saying IS the truth.

Either Either he is psychologically incapable of running a minodge never mind a country.

subrosa said...

Hi Henry, help yourself to anything here anytime. As you say the more people see this madman's behaviour the better.

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

How can he say the second home allowance is going to be abolished when he has referred to the Committee of Standards.

Does he think if he tells the Committee what to do and Sir Christopher Kelly, they will do what he tells him to do?

The man is nuts

Lying in circles

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord. He's completely lost it. He's in another world. I think the interviewer was brave to press him on it though, given his reputation for throwing Nokias about. That clock would have made an heck of an indent.

Did you notice he's started to use "we", just like his pal Mrs Thatcher? ("We were in correspondence with Sir Christopher Kelly.....")

subrosa said...

Billy, Christopher Kelly hasn't filled me with confidence recently. Some of his decisions haven't been welcomed. Perhaps he is curtailed by regulation but he could explain the reasons more clearly.

subrosa said...

I don't know who the interviewer was Tris, I'll tweet Channel 4 and ask. He did an excellent job.

Vronsky said...

>I'll have a look at Go.

Don't. It's skunk for the left side of the brain. Look at me, for pity's sake...

subrosa said...

Ha ha Vronsky, I actually emailed the link to a chess playing friend and haven't looked at it yet myself. Haven't heard from him, so don't know if that's a good sign. I prefer developing my right side, it's better for my health :)

Merkin said...

Government Order.

Developing any side which is not approved will be prohibited forthwith.I remember seeing a 'Go' prog in the very early seventies on the beeb.
Just a fifteen minute promo.

I wrote to the address given and received a reply giving me the local players.

All of them were in a different country.

No use. I have never played 'Go' much as I would like to have done.

Strange promos on the Beeb at that time - Go and Esperanto.

Later years, I was teaching English in Poland.

One of my students was a speaker of 'esperanto' of all things.

I was able to tell him that the Brit esperanto HQ was 50 yards from my house in Glasgow.

I don't speak esperanto any better than I play 'Go' but the synchronicity is worth a few beers anywhere in the world, I am sure.

Must try sometime.

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