Monday 10 August 2015



Joe Public said...

Not only was a tin emptied on the ground; he then dropped the tin on the ground as litter.

Where's the litter-police when they're needed.

kailyard rules said...

Desperation over rules gratitude.

Unknown said...

May be the desperation is not as great as we are led to believe.
There seems to be a sense of "entitlement"showing and growing in the
dealings with some of these people.

Jim Morris said...

The Best Before tag said it all: the food was donated only because it could no longer be sold at a profit. If anyone checks before buying in a supermarket, why should those escaping violence and/or poverty accept what we have rejected.

Macheath said...

The best before date means the food won't be sold, yet substantial built-in safety margins mean it is still fit for consumption; is it better to throw perfectly good food away or to make practical use of it?

I worry that the unspoken element here - and what, in part, keeps the volunteers working ten-hour days - is the fear that the next step will be mass raids on local businesses or, ultimately, homes. The more the ringleaders turn down what is offered, the more desperate and hungry the rank-and-file will become - and the easier to manipulate into rioting, that age-old weapon against the authorities.

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