Wednesday 19 August 2015

A Slight Change

The past few days I’ve had problems with the email account which support this blog. A hacker has been sending emails to many on the address list.

Although I’ve undertaken all the advised security changes/precautions, the spamming continues.

Therefore I’ve decided to close the account and have opened another which has a minimal change - a dot between subrosa and blonde. (It has been changed in the contact link over there >>).

May I ask you to change this in your address books please.  My apologies for the inconvenience but the matter appears to be beyond Yahoo’s control. It’s certainly beyond mine.

Many thanks.


Joe Public said...

Users are reminded that the 'old' email address may reside in their 'Previous Recipients' list, and could be auto-selected in error.

To remove that superceded entry in OSX Mail: create a new message; begin typing 'sub' & select the proffered "", this'll be inserted as the recipient. Click dropdown arrow on righthand side, and from the list click "Remove from Previous Recipients List"

There are similar procedures with Outlook & GMail etc.

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