Wednesday 8 May 2013

The EU Behemoth

I dislike the EU as many of you know.  The original plan of a trading organisation was fine, but over the years it's spiralled into an economic and political monstrosity, clawing the democracy from its member states into its greedy fold.

At the weekend I heard an MP say that Britain needs the EU because 90% of British business is done within Europe, but what he omitted to mention was that Europe sells more to us than we sell to them.

David Cameron and his pro-EU cohorts insist that EU law is good for all, yet it doesn't seem good enough for the EU itself.  Scotland's policing services have recently become one massive service which, in time, will be shown to be an administrative nightmare. Public services are well known for their inability to join the dots regarding information sharing and the bigger they become the worse it gets.  The NHS is a perfect example of how millions have been spent on useless IT programmes.

Since 1979 the UK has paid in about £228 billion to the EU.  It has received back in benefits just £143 billion.  Thus Britain's subsidy to the European project has been £85 billion.  We currently pay £13 million per day to the behemoth, yet it's reported more and more food banks are popping up all over the country.

Richard North gave a talk to the Campaign for an Independent Britain at the weekend. Along with many others he distrusts David Cameron's latest promise of an EU referendum after the 2015 election.  'An exit plan is needed' in Richard's opinion and of course he's correct.  

In order to muddy the waters Barroso is quoted as saying ' Political science fiction to become reality'. He also remarked 'Europe will be open and democratic or it will fail.'  Note the use of the future tense.  It seems the EC will set out its views on EU treaty change by early next year in order for them to be debated before the European elections next May.

David Cameron has ample time to organise a referendum before the 2015 Westminster elections and a promise of one before the European elections could save his political skin. Will he be brave enough?  Naw.


Joe Public said...

Not so much a Behemoth, more a UK-funded Black Hole.

JRB said...

For the first time in my life, I find myself in agreement with a Conservative Chancellor – well an ex-Chancellor.

Lord Lawson has openly and clearly called for withdrawal from the EU, anything less, like renegotiating terms would be as he says “inconsequential”.

Cameron’s promise of a referendum sometime in the distant future after a period of renegotiation is simply not good enough. The electorate told him that when they gave UKIP 25% of the local election vote; now Lord Lawson is telling him the same.

For me, getting out cannot come soon enough

(SNP and Yes campaign are you listening!)

English Pensioner said...

Douglas Carswell MP made a valid point in his blog. Honda at Swindon, which makes vehicles for the European market have had to reduce output because of falling European car sales. LandRover Jaguar, which sell to markets worldwide have started working extra shifts to cope with demand. The European market is static, or declining, the world market is growing. Which is it best market to be selling to?

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Westminster and its Establishment in or out of the EU?

That will only happen if their masters in the City and the financial shamans and global conglomerates can see a viable purpose for it to happen.

Despite, or perhaps as consolidated, by the crash of 2008, finance still rules the world and the democratic process is further reduced to a mirage of PR spin of propaganda and exploitation.

Lawson is a prime example of a political whore primed and pimped by the City.

In the end the choice is quite stark - you either choose the heavy responsibility (and perhaps frustrating inefficiencies) of democracy; or exploitation and the irons of peasantry.

Apogee said...

We think we have democracy,but do we?
Look very carefully at the system in operation.If you can be bothered to vote,you are allowed to choose from a list of people you probably do not know personally or know anything about. That is the sum total of your
democracy input in this game.
Five minutes in five years, not much is it! The sum total of your ability to affect the governance and destiny of the country. Are you happy withthis amount of influence?

Edward Spalton said...

Apparently, Lawson's statement on the U was ready a month ago but delayed by his tributes to Mrs Thatcher.It's taken him an awfully long time to get to his Damascus Road moment but at least he has got there.

He has also been on the side of the angels with regard to the global warming nonsense.

The trouble is that, like Mrs Thatcher's, it is a political death bed conversion. The situation was clear enough when he was in power.

Another former Chancellor, Norman Lamont, has become a patron of the Campaign for an Independent Britain.

The ERM (an antechamber to the euro currency) was the Conservatives' Nemesis, destroying their reputation for financial management and putting New Labour into power. As soon as we got out of it, the economy recovered remarkably quickly but only after many businesses had been destroyed in a pale imitation of what is happening now to Greece, Cyprus et al.

cynicalHighlander said...

I think Crinkly has nailed it in

Lawson is a prime example of a political whore primed and pimped by the City.

In the end the choice is quite stark - you either choose the heavy responsibility (and perhaps frustrating inefficiencies) of democracy; or exploitation and the irons of peasantry.

At least we will have a voice for change in the EU whereas we have no choice under Westminster's dictatorship no matter who we vote for.

subrosa said...

Black Hole doesn't quite describe the enormity of the setup though Joe.

subrosa said...

Lawson has always been clear about his position right enough JRB.

The SNP aren't listening. They have their own agenda.

subrosa said...

Excellent point EP. What the fascination is with only Europe beats me.

subrosa said...

I've been looking for a link to post that says exactly what you do Crinkly. Seemingly the City are afraid their control will slip if we come out.

subrosa said...

I'm not happy and I don't think many are Apogee but that's the system. How do we change it?

subrosa said...

Indeed Edward, a deathbed conversion, but better late than never.

I didn't realise Lamont is now a patron. Somehow never taken to the man but then I've only seen him on television.

subrosa said...

We have a voice for change in the EU? Mmm, CH I would disagree.

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