Saturday 11 May 2013

Take Your Pick

I've been knocked off my feet for the past 36 hours by a lurgy, so apologies for the hastily composed links this morning.

Better Together?

The Splitting Up Of British India

Bring Cameron his booze, fags and easy women

Hitler and the Mr Men

How Your Tax Money Funds Media Groupthink

Some Thoughts About Policy For The Aftermath Of the Climate Wars


dognamedblue said...

definitely worth catching this mornings Keiser Report with Frankie Boyle - Maxwell Clan Scottish Independence Oil Revenue & a BitCoin Currency
maybe Max for First Minister? [& Frankie Minister for Health & Education? :]

Demetrius said...

Get well soon, or sooner. Re India and splitting. Much the same happened in 1328 when the Norman King of England kept hold of most of old Northumbria. Had after Bannockburn the King of Scots asserted his claim to the lands north of the Mersey-Humber estuary line it might all have been very different.

Hamish said...

Well you warned us what would happen when Lurgania was admitted to the EU.
Get well soon. You are precious to a lot of us.

subrosa said...

Will look for it dognamedblue. Thanks.

subrosa said...

Fine(ish) now Demetrius and thanks for your good wishes. Seems the bug is doing the rounds.

Yes indeed. Perhaps I should have mentioned that as an aside.

subrosa said...

Ha ha Hamish. I blame it on a visit to Tesco. :) That's a very kind compliment. I'm blushing here.

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