Monday 16 July 2012

The Rice Video

Australians are protesting loudly at the compulsory carbon tax which their government has introduced.

According to the Scottish Climate and Energy Forum 'Of all the countries in the world, Scotland seems to have the least debate about global warming'.  Why are we so accepting of what politicians say and other propaganda?

Scotland's politicians are slowly, but surely, driving the country towards an energy system composed of highly expensive - and often untested - renewable systems.

We need to make the best decisions for our future energy needs and SCEF's pragmatic stance is admirable.


JRB said...

Mr Roberts in his little video, says of the those who hold an opposite view that their opinion -
“… contradicts science and nature, it’s based upon misrepresentation, corruption, fraud and lies.”

Those of an opposite view to Mr Roberts would probably say the same of him and his arguement.

How on earth are we the masses expected to make a balanced and sound judgement of the facts relating to this subject when those who could, and should, quietly and intelligently be informing us of the facts, but prefer to take up entrenched diametrically opposed standpoints and revert to vehement rhetoric.

Apogee said...

Hi JRB,Are you really expecting
Politicians, vested interests etc to actually..... tell the truth? Politicians are the same as computers but worse, put garbage in, get garbage out. They can't know everything about everything, most of them dont know other than what they are told by vested interests,so they get it wrong!
You want to know something, do your own research, in books, on the net, think and ask questions and look and think some more.And don't stop.
And always follow the money trail, it very often points to the truth of the matter, but you know that:-)

JRB said...

@Apogee – Hi
… am too old and cynical to ever expect the truth from politicians or those with a vested interest.

… but I, naively, expect the truth from scientists on a given topic. Unfortunately on this particular issue that assumption is proving to be far from accurate.

Joe Public said...

Sadly, many politicians have been brainwashed by some 'scientists' into believing that increases in CO2 harm mother earth.

Consequently those same politicians simultaneously ignore the fact that CO2 is vital & beneficial for the necessary plant growth to feed increasing humanity.

This should be compulsory reading for all those affected by Global Warming / Climate Change / Climate Disruption / the weather.

Those politicians who profess to 'to be concerned' about increases in CO2 conveniently & cowardly ignore the fact that only way to limit increasing CO2 is contraception.

subrosa said...

I thought this video would cause controversy JRB for the very reasons you state. :)

subrosa said...

Thanks for the link Joe. Hope others have a look.

Goodness me, they couldn't suggest that! They lose their voter base.

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