Friday 9 September 2011

FMQs 8 September 2011

Yesterday was the first First Minister's Questions of the new Parliamentary session.

Tris has a splendid account of yesterday's FMQs over at his place.  I certainly couldn't do better.


Anonymous said...

You could!

.. but thanks :)

Hamish said...

The charade of FMQ should be abolished.
Holyrood was supposed to rise above the Punch and Judy antics at Westminster.
The first two Presiding Officers David Steel and George Reid did much to uphold that aim.
Their successors Alex Ferguson and Tricia Marwick have proved woefully inadequate.
The whole thing has degenerated into pantomime. When these politicians are chortling over their sallies and witticisms. they should remember they work for us.

In the last FMQ under discussion, Tricia Marwick did nothing apart from announcing who was speaking, often after they had started speaking.
She failed to call MSPs to order when they strayed off-topic.
It came to the point where she gave the impression that FMQ is where the FM gets to ASK the questions, rather than being held to account by the MSPs.
She should have ruled Alex Salmond's questions to Iain Gray and Annabel Goldie about Labour and Tory leadership elections out of order.

Margo made an excellent contribution, and frankly she or Annabel would make a much better Presiding Officer.

subrosa said...

That's worth a wee poll don't you think Hamish? I'd tend to agree it should be done away with too.

As for Ms Marwick, I did expect her to perform much better.

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