Friday, 18 June 2010

You Are What You Eat - So 'They' (the food police) Say

Although this is a trailer for an American film, it also applies, to some degree, in the UK.

As for the Scottish Parliament Raedwald sums up the difficulties to do with Scottish eating habits.


Anonymous said...

So if you enjoy bacon, ham or pork sandwiches, by definition, does that make you an Islamophobe?

subrosa said...

Quite possibly D & C. :)

JuliaM said...

What doesn't, these days! :)

subrosa said...

Exactly Julia.

gildas said...

Heard about this film. The issue of food is troubling. I quite agree that behind the pretty farm fresh labels there is quite a nasty, agro -commercial complex On a more fundamental level, factory farmed produced food tastes (well let's be polite and say) rubbish compared to properly reared produce - as a village to my local farm shop proves. It is difficult, because of the scale of production needed, and also costs. To be blunt, sometimes I shop for cheap supermarket meat, for example, because I am broke.
Perhaps the more fundamental issues are the amount we eat, and for many the amount of processed food, and the costs. Example. Large rack of beef on the bone from my local farm shop - say £15. Extravagant? But will produce (with a bit of fiddly veg) banquet for 4, sandwiches and something to hot up the next day - say 10 meals. High quality produce, properly reared.
Fish and chips for 4 at my local "chip shop". Extravagant? Well, about the same cost, these days.
Sometimes we get the business, and the politicians, we deserve

subrosa said...

Gildas, I seldom buy pre-prepared food except the soya stuff for emergencies. It's too dicey and I'd rather use my butcher etc and cook my own meals. An average meal doesn't take long to prepare and cook. Then again, I suppose I do have the time although 30 years ago I still enjoyed cooking the evening meal.

Unknown said...

ooh it's a conspiracy!

Seriously, we've been told since the dawn of capitalism that we are being denied choice by huge companies and that only our false consciousness prevents us rising up. If only we knew the truth.

Well we can have free range, we can spend more to ease our conscience, and all of these choices have increased in my lifetime. Or if we choose we can buy food that has never been cheaper.

When I was a child I learnt about the various adulterated foods acts that had been passed and about the narrow diets that people ate in pre-capitalist days. Salted beef anyone?

subrosa said...

TDK, you don't have to spend more for additive free (not necessarily insecticide free) food. Organic food doesn't always taste better and is expensive.

My butcher's meat is only about 5% dearer than supermarket meat and I know where the animal was reared and slaughtered. Makes sense to buy a bit less from him and also I'm supporting a local business.

Since the TV programme on the way Tesco (I think it was) packaged their meat I've never bought supermarket brand meat. That programme was some years ago now.

It's far cheaper (including the cost of cooking) to prepare a pasta for two at home than buy it precooked.

True, it's all about choice. By the way I love salted beef and salted cod. :)

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