Friday 18 June 2010

To Rob a Country Own a Bank

Thanks to Scunnert


Alex Porter said...

Great video Rosie. I blogged on it on April 2nd ;)

Closer to home I´m looking into this:

Dunno how to get to see this here in Spain, humph.

subrosa said...

Alex, I'm so sorry I missed it. I never intend to overtake a fellow blogger's post.

Maybe one of my readers will see how you can see this. Moridura is one who is expert at transforming BBC videos to Youtube, but I don't know about those from Channel 4. Maybe some readers can help.

Alex Porter said...

Hi Rosie,
Don´t worry, the important things is to get the word out and spread around!

That Channel 4 doc sounds good. I hope it opens people´s eyes and the bankers get what they deserve - jail.

Anonymous said...

A most useful video!

- Aangirfan

subrosa said...

Put it in your research file Aangirfan. :)

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