Monday 18 January 2010

Subrosa's Super Seven blogs

Alex Massie - What's the Real Cost of Booze?

Cuthulan's Blog - A Direct Democracy Independent Scotland

Dark Lochnagar - Scottish Government look to be Winning Fight to Safeguard Renewables Industry

Ian Hamilton QC - The Shameful Parliament

Old Rightie - Why I Hate Labour

Scotland Unspun - Scotland: Move Your Money!

Two Doctors - Donald Trump takes a principled stand

This week's extras:

Power and Its Minions - Keeping Scotland a Colony

Watching History - Haiti's Long Tragedy

13th Spitfire - One law for us ...


Oldrightie said...

Many thanks for your ever encouraging support, Subrosa.

subrosa said...

Your posts always hit the mark OR and are worthy of a wider audience.

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