Thursday 21 January 2010

A Couple of Updates


Remember the story last week about NHS Health Scotland and their advertisement in the Drum for a public affairs agency to represent it within the Scottish Parliament?

Good news. This week, the deadline for applications for the lobby contract, NHS Health Scotland issued the following terse statement:

'We have taken the decision to bring all of our corporate communications activity in-house.'

Congratulations to Kenneth Roy for a job well done. NHS Health Scotland will now be aware their organisation is under scrutiny from independent observers and we can only hope their business methods improve. After all it's the taxpayer who foots their bills.

The second update is about the flaws in Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser. According to Computerworld, Microsoft will release its emergency patch for IE on Thursday. They have also admitted that attacks can be hidden inside rigged Office documents.

"We are planning to release the update as close to 10am PST (not GMT) as possible."

So all IE users keep an eye out for your emergency patch. It could make the difference between a working computer and a useless one.


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