Monday, 20 October 2014

Leadership, Taxes, Lighting and Powdery Mildew

Nicola Sturgeon has been appointed leader of the SNP.  She was unopposed and her status will be made official at the forthcoming SNP conference in Perth.  Three MSPs are in the running for the deputy leadership - Stewart Hosie, Angela Constance and Keith Brown.  My money’s on Keith Brown as I think he would make an excellent deputy leader and unlike Ms Constance, who has refused to also take the role of Deputy First Minister, Keith Brown would handle that brief well.  However, it’s not down to me to decide; the decision will be made by members at the conference.

There is a lot of talk about the Yes parties joining forces for next year’s general election. I heard a little of the BBC’s Sunday Politics programme yesterday and apart from the Patrick Harvie interview, I wasn’t too impressed.  Is it a good idea? Perhaps, but I don’t think it will happen.  Too many large egos involved.

Where is Scotland going to get the money to have this social utopia?  The SNP representative mentioned taxes. Higher taxes for those who in the middle-upper earnings bracket will discourage those we need to attract from overseas and perhaps result in some leaving the country to work elsewhere. It will also discourage employers from increasing their staffing levels. What we should be doing is raising our standards of education so as the young are better prepared to enter the workplace.  

It’s been a trying couple of weeks here.  At this time of year I attempt to display my DIY skills with varying degrees of success. This year most of the little tasks have been completed but I now await the third type of under-cupboard lighting for the kitchen.  The old lights were fine but I have been unable to buy replacements recently as ‘LED have replaced standard types’ I was told.  Cue my lovely electrician who suggested a roll of sticky-backed mini LED lights. ‘Low energy and should do the job’.  They didn’t.  The light level was extremely poor. They were removed and a block of LED lights replaced them. Not much difference in the light level but plenty in the price.  So now I await the next ‘modern', low energy and money saving fittings.  No idea what they will be but until now I didn’t realise how dependent I was upon the under cupboard lighting and how dismal the kitchen is without it in evenings.

Time for a visit to the garden centre to purchase some plants for a couple of winter hanging baskets.  I usually use winter flowering pansies but last year they were attacked by powdery mildew and they transcended from two delightful displays to dead within days.  Maybe I’ll chance them again this year but I must remember the skimmed milk. 


Scot by choice said...

{It's always nice to know, someone in London keeps an eye on a Dundee Wifey's view on Scottish Politics. Good for all of us you are, Blondie}

Dioclese said...

Gordon Brown was 'elected' unopposed and look what happened there. Sturgeon doesn't have a bone in her body that isn't red and on the left. I fear for the SNP and Scotland with her at the helm.

On the other hand, she's a hard nosed bitch and could be just what Scotland needs to get what it was promised.

Time will tell...

subrosa said...

Thank you Scot by choice. (A wee secret - the blonde comes out of a packet these days). :D

subrosa said...

She’s a nippy sweetie right enough Dioclese and very left wing, although that’s expected as she’s from the Strathclyde area.

Time will tell indeed.

JRB said...

Subrosa – I admire your resilience and positivity.

I fear that with the advancing years my attitude to DIY/Home Improvements has shown a rapid and dramatic decline and is now one of – “if it aint broke don’t fix it” - and if it is broke then there must be an appropriate tradesman somewhere.

And now that I am on my own (if you exclude the domestic pets), the nightmare that was ‘gardening’ has at last ended. No more mindless tasks of mowing lawns or back breaking digging of veg plots – what was the grassed area has returned to nature and the lovely tree hugging, sandal wearing young couple nearby produce an excellent organic veg box and I am delighted to support their endeavours.

As for Nicola I look forward to seeing what she will bring to the role of leader. Yes, she may be a socialist (with a small ‘s’) but I believe that deep down socialism (with a small ‘s’) is in the DNA of all Scots.

subrosa said...

Thank you JRB. I didn’t realise you were now on your own.

I find gardening a chore most of the time. It is enjoyable on occasion but it’s a necessity, so I do understand your delight to leave nature to its devices. Your sandal wearing neighbours sound most kind. Keeps our faith in humanity such gestures.

Yes, I would think so, but I’m hearing too much about socialism with a S these days and feel uncomfortable about it at times.

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