Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Independence Video

If only half the nation had the passion of Jim Sillars, we’d be there.


William said...

Didn't he call it a 'nonsense on stilts'?

Alice Moore said...

Keep power or give it away - that`s it in a nutshell.

charles said...

We in England are used to a constant moan from Scotland and quite frankly I doubt if it will change if you do opt to go your own way. I have never heard a political establishment spend so much time blaming someone else for their own failings. If the rest of the UK had the money spent on it that Scotland does we would be a lot happier. Just do not come back begging to be re-united when you spend all your money.

JimS said...

Is that the best case that can be made, a poor copy of Black American rap music and some zero-content rant?
The Scots that "can" are doing it at Westminster, on the world stage or showing enterprise within Scotland.
The Scots that "can't" are sitting on their backsides dreaming of some Socialist utopian divorce where they get all the assets, dump all the debts and live on EU hand-outs.

JRB said...

Am with JimS on this.

Was that it - Jim Sillars may have given an emotive speech, but the 45 second extract was lost in 3min25sec of banality.

Such a video may preach a ‘white heather club’ style of nationalism to the already converted, but it does nothing to present a rational balanced and factual argument to persuade the ‘undecided’ such as myself.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Awa we ye - it's razzmatazz with ba's.

Why is it the rational can only be presented with sombre propriety?

Or is that the preserve of ginnywillocks.

JimS said...

Some sensible comments from John Redwood for anyone who is open-minded enough to listen to an English Conservative.
Continuing the theme of 'divorce', why would anyone want to enter into a relationship with the avaricious 'wee wifey' who has stung her ex-husband for everything she can get, just because she fancies a new life?

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

A plea for open-mindedness followed by insult - bit of a lacuna in that logic.

Captain Ranty said...

Dear Scots people,

It would appear, legally speaking, that Scotland 'broke' away from the Union in 1993.

Have a gander:


Oh what a tangled web we weave....

And it proves to me that parliament has no idea what it is doing. They meddle and they meddle and this is the result.


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