Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Holiday Video

Not your typical holiday video I know, but last Friday I attended a concert in Lally’s Palais to see the talent of this 19 year old.  Jonathan Antoine is exceptional and his solo (3.15) is breathtaking.

The planning for the day/evening/night out took a chunk out of my time last week. I haven’t driven long distances for a few years now and was apprehensive, but I had great company and that helped immensely.

We left our ‘Highland hames’ with the sun shining brightly and a slight warmth in the air.  Arrived in Glasgow and it was perishing!  Thankfully we had everything but the kitchen sink with us so we rejected our posh Sunday coats and donned our heavy duty attire.  Much needed in the fierce wind.

Recording is disallowed at concerts, but fortunately another Jonathan fan managed to take this one from the balcony.  I wouldn’t call it the balcony, it should be named the ceiling, because the incline was horrendous. As a sufferer of vertigo all my life, even looking over the bannister for a second caused my blood pressure to go through the roof.  I told the young lass who was showing us to our seats and without turning a hair she said, “Gie’s a mo til I find the wee sh*te who’s just goan aff wi’ ma walkie-talkie an I’ll get ye baith sorted oot”. Two minutes later we were taken down to the terrace area to seats right at the front edge of the stage.

What more can I say about Glaswegian hospitality?  Braw, jist braw.  It’s fun being a groupie for the first time in my life.


Anonymous said...


Joe Public said...

"Two minutes later we were taken down to the terrace area ...."

Now that was excellent 'Customer Service', especially as it was unprompted.

Anon said...

Glasgow has not been nuked.


Unknown said...

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