Monday, 6 January 2014

Ian Hamilton On Scottish Independence


Captain Ranty said...


It is difficult to fault anything he says. Yet I still have monumental reservations.

I explain them here:

Unsurprisingly, I am massively disappointed by the SNP's approach to independence.


JRB said...

2014 has arrived - so the debate begins …

We have before us two stark choices, one a version of Independence as seen by the SNP and a few Europhiles, the other is merely the status quo, dictated by Westminster.

But from the outset I would ask you all to spare a thought for those of us who fear that ‘democracy’ is passing us by.

Much as though I may dream of an independent Scotland it is not of one where we are hamstrung and tied to an overbearing and over powerful Europe.
I therefore find myself, still very much pro-independence but unable to commit to the SNP’s deeply flawed interpretation of what it sees as independence.
So do I really have a democratic choice?

The other stark choice on offer is but more of the same. Totally unacceptable.
Had there been another option of remaining within a united kingdom but with considerablely enhanced devolved powers, I might have given that some thought.
So, again, do I really have a democratic choice?

If I don’t vote I may be accused of apathy but nothing could be further from the truth.
If I feel my only option is to spoil my ballot paper, then I have to ask – where is the democratic choice in all this?

Of this Hobson’s choice of a referendum, as I have said before – “I’m damned if I do, and damned if I don’t”

… and a word of warning - vocalised so well by Ian Hamilton [@3:31]
“Scotland will never be the same again after this vote”

Captain Ranty said...


I feel exactly as you do.

It is very frustrating.

The Nats want 'independence' at any cost, and they will lie to get it.

The Unionists want the status quo and they will lie to retain it.

I think there may be millions of us who want something else.


Alice Moore said...

No-one can put up a boundary to the march of a nation.

I like that. I see the SNP as a vehicle to be used on this march. It does not stop on Independence Day. It continues. And yes, we have to do something about Europe.

Newspaceman said...

I think it's a scam, the whole independence malarky. I know this will sound stupid, but in alchemy one has to reduce one's working materials back to base before building the "gold".

The gold in this instance is a one-world society, with solitary King - a global United Kingdom.

Scotland seems to be important in this ritual, maybe something to do with freemasonry, maybe something to do with James 6th & 1st, the Bible reviser, UK amalgamator, and "divine right of Kings" promoter.

Numbers seem to important to the dodgers planning this henious assualt on humanity, as do dates.

The stone was repatriated on Christmas Day, returned to A.A. on the 101st day of the year. Black and White, or coincidence. Prince William received his RAF wings on an 11th April. 11th April was prominent with Dunblane too.

Also note Salmond at the last conference with the image of 333 days to go. Some would suggest that this alludes to something deeper, potentially occult - in it's true "hidden" meaning.

The comment from JRB sums it up well, damned either way.


subrosa said...

Sometimes I think the SG should just declare independence Alice, but that’s wishful thinking of course.

subrosa said...

No it doesn’t sound stupid Newspaceman and on this blog all comments are treated equally. We are here to discuss, agree or disagree. Thanks for the blog links.

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