Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Mission Impossible

Yesterday a British soldier, understood to have been serving with the Special Forces, was killed in action in Afghanistan.

He was killed as a result of enemy fire whilst on operations east of Kabul.

The death takes the number of British Forces personnel who have lost their lives since the war began in October 2001 to 447.

Another family blown apart by grief and despair.  May their suffering ease with the passing of time.

Last week David Cameron said, during a visit to Camp Bastion, that Afghanistan was ‘mission accomplished’ and that British troops could return to the UK with their ‘heads held high’, although he’s aware they leave Afghanistan amidst reports that violence is on the increase and the security system is complicit in rampant corruption and abuse.

Our military’s presence in Afghanistan has been an abysmal failure. The minimal economic activity that does take place is almost entirely dependent on foreign aid which accounted for an astounding 97% of GDP in 2010.  The rest of the economy, mainly unofficial, depends on the spiralling opium poppy trade.

Our troops may return with their heads held high but they know their job was ‘mission impossible’. The loss of 447 of our military is 447 too many.


Joe Public said...


My thoughts are with all our Forces' personnel and their families. May their return to Blighty be swift & safe.

subrosa said...

Thanks Joe. We’re still sending troops out there though.

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