Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Why Men Die First

Because they want to!


JRB said...

Further evidence, if such were ever needed, of man’s (and here I mean the male of the species) eminently adaptive, imaginative and practical skills, no mater what the task.

… and all the while no doubt the little lady is somewhere in the background radiating negative vibes …
“ - don’t you think that?”
“ - should you really be doing that (at your age)?”
“ - wouldn’t it be better if?”


Joe Public said...
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Joe Public said...

To partially plagiarise JRB:-

Further evidence, if such were ever needed, of man’s desire to provide comfort for (maybe) the woman in his life ...............


and subsequent pages.

Dramfineday said...

Ahh JRB here's another few for the list:

a) You missed a bit!
b) You can take it back if you scratch it!
c) Have you no finished yet, what's taking you so long?

Duck - in case Rosie throws a right hook.

JimS said...

I once worked opposite a big telephone exchange. The manual switchboard was on about the same level as us and we were on the fourth floor. When the windows needed cleaning a man would open the sash window and climb out onto the cill with a short ladder. He would position the ladder foot tight in against the bottom window and hold onto its top edge as he climbed the ladder, which leant away from the building, his taut arm forming the top leg of the triangle. This process was repeated perhaps another nine times along the floor.

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