Saturday, 6 July 2013

Take Your Pick

I'm still recovering from Andy Murray's nerve wracking semi-final yesterday.  The lad certainly gives value for money.

However, a couple of links I noticed which may be of interest to you. In one I discovered that Angel Merkel's party is against Turkey joining the EU and the other is an eye-opener about money - big money - and how we're being duped. Again.

Turkey and the EU

Swiss bankers confess that their UK tax deal has failed


JRB said...

Must confess that even I, the original tennis-phobe, was most impressed by how well he has done/ is doing.

Would go so far as to wish him well, but fear such sporting encouragement could be seen as the ‘Jinx of JRB’ which is somewhat akin to the ‘Curse of Cameron’.

Thanks as always for the Saturday Pick.

subrosa said...

He's certainly doing VERY well if he's impressed you JRB and I hope it continues tomorrow.:)

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