Friday, 28 June 2013

An Article By Professor Arthur Noble

As a final contribution to the posts about the European Union, I have received an article from Professor Arthur Noble.

Professor Noble, an Ulsterman, is Professor Emeritus of German at the Universities of Metz and Nancy 11 and has given me permission to publish it in full or in part. Although it is lengthy, I thought it appropriate to use the whole article and I've placed it on my Google docs here.


Apogee said...

A well written expose of the Nazi "plan B", which seems to have been largely successful, so far. The cost to the people of Europe, in typical Germanic style is passed over as necessary to complete the plan "for the greater good". But the "Greater good of who?".
And as described in the article,
certainly not to the greater good of the United Kingdom, which is to be turned into an economic back water. This seems to have been the result of being in or associated with the EU, seemingly again aided and abetted by our political masters. As the theory and the resulting fact seem to dovetail very well, some of our political masters have questions to answer about their conduct and association
with the results.

subrosa said...

I would agree with you Apogee.

Hamish said...

Thanks SR for posting this material. But it is the stuff of conspiracy theory, in the same vein as the Nazis and their modern-day followers seeing the hand of the Jews behind all our ills.

The young Germans I know fully accept their national responsibilty for the horrific crimes of Nazi Germany unlike many Japanese I have met, sorry to say.

The fact that the Nazi psrty or individual Nazis supported a policy does not mean the policy is wrong, far less that the Nazis made it happen.

We are fortunate to live in a democracy, however much we may jib about its faults. NOTHING happens unless WE will it. Stop blaming aliens from outer space, or even further afield like continental Europe.

Apogee said...

Hamish. We do not live in a democracy. we live in a representative democracy, which means we elect people to REPRESENT us, which means we vote for them,and whoever gets the most votes ,does what their party tells them to, for the next four or five years. If what they do is coincidentally what you want them to do, then you are very lucky.
This information has been around in bits and pieces since the 2nd world war,this is the first real effort to tie it all together.
Remember, just because thee or me is paranoid, doesn't mean they are not coming to get you. These people think very long term, I suggest we do the same.Or instead of reading and learning from history, we will be history.

Hamish said...

Apogee, I share your disdain for representative democracy, or ersatz democracy as I call it.
It has been obsoleted by modern communications and technology.

Sorry to say, but if you really believe they are coming to get thee, thou art paranoid.
To misquote,I sometimes think thee and me are the only sane people left, but I'm not too sure about thee.

Apogee said...

Hamish,I don't know if they are coming to get us or not, but if you think of the implications of PRISM", and the antics of GCHQ, there is almost a cast iron certainty that in the future at some point they will.
I hope I am proved wrong, but it doesnt look good.

subrosa said...

I certainly wouldn't label this post in the conspiracy theory box Hamish. It's so easy to do that.

BrianSJ said...

The Europe of the Regions to be run by Germany is a point for the SNP to consider.

Edward Spalton said...

As mentioned in the introduction to "Strands of Evil" which began this short series, the Common Agricultural Policy, THE EU's LARGEST BUDGET ITEM was based for over forty years on the plan and principles laid down in the 1942 documents which I translated.

You have to bear in mind that post war Western Europe was highly unstable politically with a real risk of communist takeover in France and Italy. The beginning of the Cold War made countering this a top priority for the West and for the Americans in particular. People like the Gaullistes in France were not strong enough to do this on their own. They had to enlist the former collaborators and fascists who were certainly anti communist. Adenauer persuaded the Americans that he was the man to do this in Germany.

His top civil servant, State Secretary Globke, had been responsible for drafting the guidance notes on the Nuremberg Race Laws. His State Secretary at the Foreign Office, Hallstein, had not been a Nazi party member but had belonged to six affiliate organisations and undergone a Nazi leadership training course.
He was responsible for the "Hallstein doctrine" which withheld diplomatic recognition from governments which recognised communist East Germany. This protected wanted war criminals from extradition to Eastern Europe where most atrocities were committed. Like Professor Doktor Hunke, they could resume their careers. Hallstein became the first President of the EU Commission.

In some ways, the Nazi label is misleading because the Nazis only adapted and strengthened ideas which pre-existed them. The world outlook ( Weltanschaung) of a large section of the German political class has remained remarkably stable since the early 19th century, as I demonstrated in my interview. The choice of means for achieving their aims has varied.

If you Google "Roger BootleAnglo Saxon" you will find his report of attitudes in the Geeman Green Party last year, very similar to those expressed by Hunke in 1942.
Roger Bootle, a well - respected mainstream economist said that their was a profound gap in understanding between ourselves and German opinion because we have different ideas of the way the world works . It is failure to understand this which has got us into our present situation

Edward Spalton said...

Apologies for spelling mistakes. A cataract operation has made me long sighted and I thought I could manage without my new reading glasses

subrosa said...

Brian a very important point. Well worth a post if you can give me links please,

subrosa said...

Thank you Edward for the additional information. Intriguing as always.

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