Monday, 4 February 2013

The QT Remark

My thanks to Moridura for the video.  Still don't know how he manages to clip these but I have tried to find software for a Mac which would do it with with ease.

However I digress.  It was Clarinda who drew my attention to this 'joke' on Thursday's Question Time.  

It's my intention to ignore the smug individual who made the remark. People like him were ten a penny when I lived in England and I eventually discovered the best way to prick their bubble was to disregard them. 

Some are appalled by the audience's response, but again I wasn't surprised.  The Scots and Irish have always been the butt of English humour.  David Dimbleby's description of the mark as 'chauvinistic' was inappropriate, although he had the measure of the audience member I have to admit.

I'm not overlooking the fact that the 'joke', made during serious discussion of nuclear waste, was distasteful, but what does surprise me (and really shouldn't) is that the BBC decided to actually broadcast it.

QT is pre-recorded and edited - or used to be - with a very sharp knife.  Yet someone within the department decided this purile remark was worthy of inclusion in the programme.

As much as the incident tells us about the contributor and the English audience, it says even more about the BBC and it's attitude to Scotland.

If the contributor had mentioned a country such as Afghanistan or Mali in a similar content, the cutting would have been the first on the editing floor.


JRB said...

There was a time when QT could be considered as a serious programme debating major political issues of the day.

Now, sadly, it has degenerated into a third rate chat show for fading MPs, obscure quasi-political commentators and D-list minor celebrities.

There was another very telling remark in this particular broadcast. When the panel once again drifted off into talking in banal trivia, a young lady in the audience rightly drew them up and suggested to Mr Dimbleby and the panel that he and they address the issues with a degree of adult seriousness.

… as for nuclear waste. I believe there are many disused ‘Tube’ tunnels and unused stations under London – need I say more!

Apogee said...

That was a long time ago, JRB.
Wait till after independence they have to find a home for their Nuclear
Submarines. I wonder if that is why they are against independence for Scotland, but its OK for England?

JimS said...

In its context I think it was quite a good quip. It will be a sad day when no body dares make similar remarks.

I'm quite sure a typical Glasgow audience would be quite capable of coming up with something sharper and wittier, unless the BBC filled the auditorium with its usual quota of humourless lefties.

Lord Monty said...

He's that bloke that was in 'Splash', the 'hit' ITV show where people belly flopped into the water and the best belly flop won some bauble. When he jumped in the water jumped out.
Eddie the Eagle eventually won I think.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

In one context JRB is right - there are many dumps in London.

Unfortunately people live in them, but give them time and the authorities will work that out.

footdee said...

Jim S --if the remark had been made about England the media would have been up in arms about "scottish" racists .

As it was there was also a jibe at the French which got a great laugh from the audience.

The time honoured defence of verbal bullies is "its only a joke "

Key bored warrior. said...

footdee-as Rosie mentioned if that remark had been made about any other country it would have been binned and especially England. The BBC is and always has been regarded by London as the glue holding the Empire together. Scotland and Ireland have for centuries been fair game for the English and since 1707 the Ukanians to abuse and sneer at. I found a lot of it in the forces, and it is still there as my Son has told me. It bubbles under the surface and it only takes a little trigger like the fat bigot on QT to gain traction.

JimS said...

Whatever happened to those hardy Scots roaming the hills with no undies and wrestling wild haggis to the ground? Obviously all emigrated, leaving the homeland to wimpy, box-ticking, offence seeking, hand-wringing 'liberals', who would be completely at home in the hated Notting Hill political ghetto!

The remark in question was off the cuff and quickly passed over by the chairman. Unless there are plants in the audience the comment was unscripted.

I have relatives in Birmingham and that tunes the ear into remarks about that city. Listen to a programme like the News Quiz and it is remarkable how many cheap jibes are made by these 'right-on' panelists and chairwoman. It is so easy, the only city these Londoners have just about heard of.

Remember it is a bit like the reason Irish jokes are so simple - so the English can understand them of course!

Allan said...

Ummm... how many complaints to OFCOM have been made about this Racist comment?

William said...

The Scot Nats don't get humour. Here is their Beloved Leader on Have I Got News For You. Watch and cringe -

Deayton - "We're going to have to consult the authority on this which is the Duke Of Edinburgh's Book of Gaffes [produces comically large book] Volume Three. You said Australia -"

Salmond - "That's a phone directory. That's not a book of gaffes."

Hislop - "Yes, it's a prop gag!"

Merton - "There's no actual book been published."

Deayton - "We'll let you into the secret."

Hislop - "Angus's television magic."

So, a mild gag about dumping nuclear waste in Scotland will have them foaming at the mouth. It's rather pathetic and it's an insight into the type of politically correct, box-ticking country they would like Scotland to be. Horrible.

Clarinda said...

As Westminster appears to be having some recent bother to persuade Cumbria to agree to the disposal of nuclear waste within it's borders - would the Lancaster QT audience laugh and clap so enthusiastically if Westminster asked Lancashire instead without the benefit of "giving them their Independence" - just an off the cuff thought of course.

subrosa said...

When I attended a QT recording nearly 20 years ago JRB, I realised, once I saw the broadcast, it was more of a soap opera rather than a current affairs programme.

No, you've no need to say more. :)

subrosa said...

Now that's a hot potato Apogee. They certainly don't want to discuss subs.

subrosa said...

Didn't think it was a good quip Jim. Heard similar too often.

If anyone had said it on a QT programme it would have been cut.

subrosa said...

I didn't see that one Monty, just a clip of Eddie winning.

subrosa said...

Oh I doubt if they'll bother to work that one out Crinkly.

subrosa said...

My days are long gone when I roamed anywhere without undies Jim and I don't think it was off the cuff at all. Have heard similar far too often.

subrosa said...

Auch Allan, it wasn't racist. It was just typically English. :)

subrosa said...

William I get humour but I don't think it's particularly humorous of the BBC to broadcast it.

subrosa said...

Well said Clarinda.

Gedguy said...

This anti-Scottish attitude is seeping into all forms of British (English) MSM. I suspect that the closer we get to the referendum the more it will happen.
The question is, why? Could it be that they (the British Establishment)are readying the great English public for the looming 'separation' and are already trying to pass it off as irrelevant. Let's see how irrelevant it is when the rUK hasn't got our resources to pay off the City's debt any more.

Lord Monty said...

They're doing a second series of 'Splash' SR.
Rumours that they will be draining the pool this time have been denied.

subrosa said...

Auch it's been there a very long time Gedguy. It was there when I worked in England in the 60s.

subrosa said...

He he Monty. I may just watch it sometime. Somehow I suspect it will just turn into another mindless piece of Saturday entertainment though.

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