Saturday, 23 February 2013

Take Your Pick

Mixed Economy v Neoliberalism

the plot sickens...

Independence vote split by gender

The Tories should beware of Martha Andreasen

The Brain Net

Naming of streets after heroes is a bad idea


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Rosie.

I feel bad trashing what could be a wonderful thing.

But the thing they are offering today is not wonderful.

Not at all.


SadButMadLad said...

Ta for the link

subrosa said...

Ranty, I understand how you feel. I too think they'll lose because of the obsession with the EU.

I was going to comment at yours but felt I may upset some of your other readers. ;)

subrosa said...

Pleasure SBML.

Captain Ranty said...


If there is one blog in the world that was created just to upset people, it is mine.

Please don't hold back. Controversy stirs debate.

I'd rather have people shouting than staying silent.

We have been silent for far too long.


subrosa said...

We have indeed Ranty. I'll respond tomorrow when I've more time.

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