Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Support For Independence Increases

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Daily there are opinions and polls about the independence debate, but  thought the above graphs interesting. The night editor of the Times in Scotland was kind enough to tweet it and @fitalass, my tory twitter friend from even more further north than here, was kind enough to let me know about it.  So thanks to both.

It was an Ipsos Mori poll on Indy Ref commissioned by the Times.

As the Times is behind a paywall I can't access it and therefore don't know if the poll is UK or Scotland based, but I suspect it is the latter.

Of course polls only give sketches and are not to be trusted in any way, but a Mori poll seems more accurate than some others. 

What Scotland also needs is a reputable poll on people's opinion of the EU.  That may stop this continual 'the majority of Scots support being part of the EU', because I don't believe that is the case.


Hamish said...

From politicalbetting website: "Ipsos-Mori questioned 1,003 Scottish adults aged 18 and over, between February 4 and 9, 2013."
They also say the Times will publish figures about Scottish attitudes to the EU in a subsequent edition.

Anonymous said...

Well, from these figures, the Nos have it.

55% is irrefutably a win for them.

Even if we convert every "don't know", to "yes", we would only have 45% to the Nos 55%.

Bleak reading for David Cameron against Alex Salmond. Strange because the way to get rid of Cameron for ever is to vote for independence.

It would have been interesting to see what Scots think about Lamont and Davidson.

William said...

More than half the country doesn't want independence. Strange good news story for the Nats.

Wave Machine said...

To be honest, I just do not trust polls, mainly because I believe that the organs (or tentacles) of the British State/Establisment run deep through society. If you consider that there is no newspaper that supports independence and can therefor commission a poll of it's own, then there is an immediate imbalance. And I always take my own experience into this; I'm 46 and never been asked for my voting intentions by a polling organisation; so it prompts the question, "who are they asking?" Not me, that's for sure and not anyone that I know.
To continue with my theme from the beginning; the British State/Establishment is just so corrupt and self centred that the only poll that matters is the one that will be held next year.
I consider myself a rational and reasonable person, but the policies of Westminster and it's supporters, which includes Tory/Lib/Labour, are so far removed from my own value base that I do not see them as reasonable people. I don't trust them, I believe them to be dishonest, corrupt and polluted in their thinking and decision making. All of them, except those who don't believe in Westminster rule.

JRB said...

:) Congratulations! This week’s prize for extreme positive spin goes to … “Support For Independence Increases”

By any poll from any source, the current standing of the ‘Yes’ campaign is - ‘crap’.
All this Mori poll shows is that a more accurate position is – ‘slightly less crap’

But almost hidden in your piece there is a fundamental truth – that the sooner we ditch the EU the better we will all be, even the ‘Yes’ campaign.

Dave Allison said...

HA The poor deluded fools and dolts.
Voting. Oh how I laughed.
Name one [OK two things] that voting has changed.
I stood in Dundee East 2001/2 ? I got a hundred votes and Labour LOST to SNP.
But nothing,nada, zilch changed.

Wake up dolts.

I have declared WAR on the Scottish Government and next week I expect the European Union.
Vote away you ignorant ranters.
YOU are stuffed while
I am, Dave Allison, Sui juris FREEMAN

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Ah ye of little faith - or even worse - ye that have faith in a little.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell...who's the loonie who has declared war on our government?

Nothing's changed?

What planet are you on?

cynicalHighlander said...

Plant Zog and has been reading Dean's blog!

subrosa said...

Ah thanks Hamish. I suspect PB wrote his post after I did mine. :)

subrosa said...

I think it will be avery tight Tris. Many folk don't want to give a definite answer as yet.

subrosa said...

I think the result will be a lot closer than you think William. No, it's not a 'strange news' story, just an effort to make a Times produced graphic available to all.

subrosa said...

I don't either Wave Machine, but I try not to inflict my prejudice upon others - hence the attempt to share the graphic.

When you see who owns and is behind these large polling businesses it's little wonder you are of this opinion.

subrosa said...

Awe, JRB and I was trying to be positive while the snow was carpeting the driveway and my car once again. :)

It's a bonny graph though isn't it?

Aye to your last paragraph.

subrosa said...

You're with Ranty then Dave. Good for you.

subrosa said...

I have a little faith Crinkly but none in politicians.

subrosa said...

Dave's a declared Freeman Tris.

William said...

SR, I'm sure I've said to you before that support for independence has traditionally hovered around the 20-30% mark over the last 40 years. This poll doesn't really say that the situation has changed much or at least not as significantly as the SNP would clearly like.

Anonymous said...

I'd just wanted to point out that for the first time in my memory, our city is moving, SR.

The government working with the council, is building council housing, restructuring the waterfront, bringing in new businesses, pushing tourism, and mostly creating jobs. Work is going on everywhere. It's nothing like the sluggish old Dundee of old.

Even Lochee had a facelift.

Once we lose the deadweight of Westminster and it's nuclear weaponry we will be booming.

cynicalHighlander said...


I'm sure I've said to you before that support for independence has traditionally hovered around the 20-30% mark over the last 40 years

Ipsos MORI

Now where would it be if we had an honest unbiased media?

Demo for a Balanced All-inclusive Referendum Debate

subrosa said...

That's true William but let's not forget there's never been an SNP government until 2007 or a referendum for centuries with the choice of independence.

Auch as I said, I thought the poll graphic was interesting and I'd no more put my money on a poll than I would on supermarket meat and chicken being what they say it is.

subrosa said...

Jings Tris, I've just be nipping in and out to my friend in near Fairmuir Park and the Camperdown cinema. Last time I was in the centre it was dark so didn't see a thing.

Glad to here it's getting better. I read something like that in the Courier recently and thought ' it must be if even the Thomsons have noticed'. `:)

Time the waterfront was completed. It's taken far too long to the detriment of the city. Nearly 50 years it's been a mess - since that roadbridge was built right into a city centre.

William said...

CynicalHighlander, your graphic, if you've viewed it, confirms my point. There are one or two freakish peaks but, statistically, it has really hovered between 20-30% in that period.

SR, you can't really expect a referendum on something for which there is no clear desire. I'm not sure we should be having a referendum now but we are where we are.

subrosa said...

William we had one for AV in the past couple of years. I didn't see any clear desire for that.

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